Identify This Mulberry

  1. You're welcome. :smile: It's a lovely bag. I'm always drawn to taupe/ brownish grey bags but actually only have one in that colour family. So I'm really liking the mushroom colour!
  2. Does anyone know the name this bag? I bought it 2004/5 but can't find the paperwork and intrigued to know the name. Thanks!

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    image-1287925619.jpg image-563427054.jpg image-1892631182.jpg
  3. Wow!! What a bargain! Congratulations!! :woohoo:
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  5. Congratulations, you lucky girl! :smile:
  6. I have seen several photos with a bag with a thick chain as part of autumn/winter 12. Does anybody know any further information re this bag? For example, name, price, further photos etc?
    I have also seen a yellowy version somewhere
    image-2955246172.jpg image-2166761513.jpg
  7. I've seen this too on the catwalk show... Looks beautiful, a kind of chunky lily!

    Interested to see/ hear more!
  8. This is the other photo. Sorry that the photographs do not show the bag properly!
  9. Me too! The lily that i want (black forest minus the tassel) is lovely but the strap is too long! So I thought this may be a nice compromise
  10. Yup looks gorgeous huh!! I love the look of the ochre colour above... And looks suede... Swoon!
  11. I've seen these on the catwalk show, the first one looks like a carpet bag (says she currently on the phone to nan to ask her for offcut of her lounge carpet !!) :giggles:
  12. Yes it is really I will have to save for!