Identify this Jimmy Choo!

  1. From the looks of it, it is the Orange Tye Dye Python Riane from Spring/Summer 2005
  2. Yep, I have it in green ;)

    FYI, Coach leather lotion does wonders on disguising the leather scratches.
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anybody would be able to identify this bag for me? Many thanks!!
  4. Can someone tell me more about these items. I got them from the Jimmy Choo sample sale over a year ago. The bracelet has two little holes at the top and I don't know what they're for. The bracelet sometimes falls off my wrist.



    Holes on top of bracelet
    choo1.jpg choo2.jpg choo3.jpg
  5. I have not seen those particular ones before. But, my guess is that the holes are for cords like on the large one. Choo has done bracelets in recent years that can be worn tied around the strap of a bag like the Saba or Sky.
  6. ^^I wonder if they are bracelets at all. They look like pieces off a bag to big is the larger one?
  7. The bracelet/cuff does look a lot like the ring on the saba, but the ends are different.

    The larger item is a necklace, and the smaller one is a bracelet. However, the holes in the bracelet don't go all the through to the other side so it isn't possible to attach a cord. My guess is the bracelet should be worn pushed up the arm. I also have a pretty small wrist and that could be why it slips off.

    Here are more photos with measurements



    A bit blurry, but you can see the two holes in the top of the bracelet

    A blurry image of the other side of the bracelet. There are no holes on this side.

  8. ^^I have never seen these, but they are pretty cool...
  9. To all you PF's Jimmy Choo experts I need help? I have a Jimmy Choo handbag on hold. It is a black shoulder bag with gold studs and it can be converted to a tote. It retails for $3000, sale price $1400. I would like to know the name of this bag and if it is a good investment. Also if there is anyone who owns this bag; the pros, cons do you love it or is it an okay bag. Need bag advice. Thanks:confused1:

  10. Need pics to tell you the name. If it is on hold somewhere, can't the retailer give you the style name?
  11. I got the name it is the Lohla.
  12. Great bag! As far as an only if you love it. Most Choos do not have high resale value.
  13. I agree with Jburgh! :biggrin: Just be mindful that there's the leather cleaner and then there's the moisturizer. The latter is great on scratches! Goodluck!;)
  14. Thanks for you help this forum is great!
  15. Hi ladies, could you help me with the names of these two bags please? I bought them at Neiman Marcus in vegas and have the Neiman Marcus tags, but they didn't have the model or name on them.
    the clutch came with an authenticity card and the number on the card matches the one in the bag.
    the larger brown leather bag had the care booklet and Neiman Marcus tag, but no authenticity card. both were purchased in the neiman marcus sale this week.
    can you help me with the season/year and style please please please????

    Copy of vegas 013.JPG

    Copy of vegas 016.JPG

    Copy of vegas 017.JPG