Identify this Jimmy Choo!

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    There are often a numerous amount of threads asking what the name is of an Jimmy Choo bag, accessory, or shoes. So here's a thread dedicated to asking what the name is of a certain Choo style! Post away!
  2. WOW! What a delicious forum... I could get lost here for hours! However, I must ask my question so I can get back to browsing all of your fabulous purse pictures.

    The Jimmy Choo below was a donation for a fundraiser I am organizing (thank you Julie Chen for this amazing donation!), but I cannot find any information about it. ANYTHING you could give me would be much appreciated!
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    I have never seen anything like this from Jimmy Choo.
  4. wow that is gorgeous. are you sure it's jimmy choo? it almost looks like faberge.
  5. Now you have me concerned... Maybe this is not really a JC. Here are some more pictures. We received the purse in the JC dustbag, which is why we thought it was real (and we really don't think that a celebrity would send us a a fake), but now I have my doubts.

    If not a Jimmy Choo, any ideas who made this bag? Fabrege, it is not... I already checked.

    JimmyChooBag.JPG JimmyChooTopView.JPG JimmyChooAutograph.JPG
  6. The Jc dust bag is authentic but I really doubt JC would make any bag and not put their name somewhere on it. Is it engraved anywhere on this? If so, can you post pics of it? If not, I would be suspicious.
  7. Okay ladies here goes... This was first identified in the Celeb section as Miu Miu, but the ladies over there say it isn't so and possibly looks to be a Choo. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!


  8. Thank you :biggrin:
  9. Thanks