Identify this Celine

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  1. Hi everyone!
    any idea what is this wallet/clutch name?
    Thank you and happy holidays!
    8JCEBS003_8.jpg 8JCEBS003_5.jpg
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  2. What’s making you question it? Just bought one from there, going to post to authenticate as soon as I get it.
  3. Hi everyone,
    I was hoping to get some info about this vintage Céline bag. I bought it online from a reputable Japanese online shop. But I can't find anything online about it. Any info is welcome!
    IMG_20190219_115232.jpg IMG_20190219_115241.jpg IMG_20190219_115420.jpg IMG_20190219_115551.jpg IMG_20190219_115717.jpg IMG_20190219_115633.jpg IMG_20190219_115232.jpg
  4. Hi! I saw a good deal on this Celine bag. Would like to know what it’s called so I can research on it further. Thanks in advance!
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  5. Can anyone give me any info on this bag? It was just referred to as "pheobe philo old Celine"...I find it quite beautiful. TIA!
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  7. @Elliespurse do you think the pic I posted looks like pony? It looks like suede to me, do you know if they were made in anything other than pony?
  8. It looks like suede? I think this bag was released in alternative leather/suede.
  9. Thanks, they list it as suede and I can't see the texture that would indicate pony hair. Do you have any idea what the MSRP was on this bag? Long shot, I know, I'll keep researching... EDIT: That was easy, Yoogi's had one with the MSRP listed as $1950.
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