Identify this Celine

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  1. You're so very welcome! I hope you get your hands on one! Meanwhile, I NEED that Trotteur Clutch beneath it in your photo! But I want it in Chestnut Natural Calfskin!!
  2. Hello purseforum!
    Can someone help authenticate this bag/lmk which collection this bag is from?
    upload_2017-7-16_23-10-56.png upload_2017-7-16_23-11-4.png upload_2017-7-16_23-11-17.png upload_2017-7-16_23-11-28.png upload_2017-7-16_23-11-46.png
  3. Can someone help identify this bag? Not my photo, but I have this bag in black and would love to know the name. I bought it from Saks many years ago and still love it. Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 5.05.26 PM.png
  4. Hi lovelies... I just stumbled across this picture and I love this bag, is it still available? Does anyone here own it? Thank you :smile:
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  5. I believe it's called the All Soft Bag. Sadly it's been discontinued, nor I own the bag. Purseblog has an article on this bag actually
    Hope this helps :smile:
  6. Hi there! Can anyone help me to authenticate this Céline bag? As this is my first Céline bag. Thank you in advance!!
    57D01E1A-188B-4216-819F-3871E1C9C49C.jpeg 40EF3092-AC81-4EE5-BD49-37DCE5FCB1FF.jpeg 86C78ABF-3BFA-45D7-B32C-A2114ACC0086.jpeg F9188519-32CF-4DC7-9257-9AE0DF518764.jpeg 554681C7-E012-4D2B-B3E0-EC959C276871.jpeg 872C75F4-01C1-43A7-AE40-B632226D97E6.jpeg 05CD0339-B158-4531-845E-6E235528B339.jpeg
  7. Hello! I've been trying to find the official name for this clutch but have had no luck. I'm starting to think that this may not even be an authentic Celine. Does anyone know its name? The seller is just calling it the Phoebe Philo Leather Envelope Clutch 20171118_130415.png
  8. .albumtemp.JPG
    Does anyone know what year/collection this bag is from? Tia!
  9. HELP! I saw a BEAUTIFUL Celine Micro Phantom in pebble leather today at Neiman Marcus, and I want to know the color name. It was a raspberry color, all one color in the pebble leather. Not a wine or true burgundy but more raspberry/Bright. Gorgeous. Anyone know the name of the color??
  10. Hi Everyone! Can anyone tell me what the name of this bag is?? Also what would you recommend cleaning it with? Thank you!!
  11. Can someone please let me know which collection this denim blue nano luggage with white stitching is from? Also has anyone ever tried buying from *******? Authenticity??

  12. Does anyone know what season this bag is from and fears the color?

    Thank you.