Identify this Celine

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  1. Hi! I am thinking of buying this vintage celine bag from an online seller. But i noted that the strap is a clip on kind of strap, seems different from the ones i have seen online. Anyone able to share if there is a vintage style that looks like this?
  2. hi, does anyone know the name of this celine bag and from which year?

    many thanks
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  3. Googled and Googled but couldn't find it. Thanks.
  4. I saw this earlier this year. It’s reversible. Try googling Celine Reversible tote bag and you’ll see a few pics.
  5. Hi there.

    First time poster, I'm helping my mom sell off some of her old purses. Problem is that I don't know anything about purses/handbags and she has no idea what they are worth anymore.

    Would really appreciate any info I could get on these two bags. And what you think I could sell them for.

    Thank you!



  6. Did you guys see the mya serina bag that has been going around everywhere? Is it legal for them to cope the exact design of a celine belt bag?
  7. upload_2018-9-3_12-28-16.png
  8. Can you guys help me? I know someone selling a Luggage Nano in what she says is Sand, but looking at it definitely looks like Kohl (which is what I'd prefer). Looking at it in certain lights it looks like Kohl but sometimes it's a lighter grey. I was going to ask my friend who is going to Paris in October to get me a Luggage Nano in Slate or Kohl or Navy Blue (those are my preferred colors in order) but now that the Celine website is wiped clean I'm worried the bag will be gone so I wonder if I should just take the plunge now.

    Looking like Kohl:

    Looking like a lighter color:

    Pls help! I definitely think it doesn't look like Sand tbh.
  9. I forget the name, but the leather is beautiful!
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    Is this leather drummed or grained?
    And what is the difference between the two?

    How should I make sure it holds up well?

    Either way I am so incredibly happy that I got my hands on this one before it was too late! It is the discontinued size small and it is just perfect! I found it in a Céline store abroad and they shipped her to me and she finally got delivered today! I am so in love! :love:

    IMG_20181012_114745.jpg IMG_20181012_114730.jpg IMG_20181012_114701__01.jpg IMG_20181012_114603.jpg

    It's so beautiful, and I have been wanting it since I saw it the first time! I can't believe it is finally mine! :eek::blush:
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  11. Looks like grained to me, which I think is probably stiffer than drummed leather, so should hold its shape a bit better. My micro is the grained leather too and I love it. Also reminds me of Hermes Epsom leather. Hope that helps.
    Enjoy your gorgeous new bag! :flowers:
  12. looks like grained to me too. either way - it's a lovely bag! enjoy using it :smile:
  13. Thank you both! :hbeat: I am over the moon about her!

    I really hope it is grained leather, due to the "hold it's shape"-reason, but I feel unsure as I asked the SA over SMS, and she initially said it is drummed leather, I then asked her if they had previously had this bag in grained as that would have been my preference, and she then said that she was mistaken and that all belt bags came in grained only, and that she mixed it up because the luggages was made of drummed leather? But I am pretty sure that I've read about belt bags being made of drummed leather too? And since this is a since long discontinued size, it could possibly be made of drummed as they have, at least previously, made them in drummed?

    To me it looks much more grained in the pictures than IRL, but I don't know exactly how drummed looks compared to grained. And I am, again, unsure but I think it might feel smoother than the belt bags that I have tried on in smaller sizes in London this past weekend..? Could that be an indication that it might be drummed? But again, I am not sure at all.

    Either way, I love her to bits, she looks perfect! I am sure I would have gotten more use out of a size with a shoulder strap, but when I try her on, vs. the smaller ones, she just looks so right on my frame that I went for the look rather than the practicality... Maybe a stupid beginners mistake! But she might even be the last of her kind for sale so I am not going to return her even though she might end up not being used daily due to how heavy she is and how impractical she will be to use compared to the mini. I am ok with this as I mostly use my Gucci WOC as my every day bag anyway, as I don't carry much, but still wanted a nice bag for when I DO need to carry some more!

    But, if Hedi decides to keep the belt I will probably get a mini or micro too in another color once I have started working (I am a student at the moment) just to have a more "carefree" version of her, as I love the style so much.
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  14. i think the SA is right.

    Belt only in grained calfskin and Luggage in drummed calfskin.
    grained calfskin is stiffer while drummed is softer...

    pics for your reference.
    drummed calfskin.jpg grained calfskin.jpg
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  15. T

    Thank you som much for the pics! :flowers: Judging them it does look like mine could be the grained rather than the drummed!