Identification of stone :o

  1. I didnt think this would be appropriate for Authenticiate this!.. so I'll put it here :smile:

    Can anyone identify this stone for me? If you can't see the pics very well the colour of the stone is a very light browny gray colour..

    Thanks for any help!
    DSC02274.JPG DSC02275.JPG
  2. The pic is very blurry it looks like it may be some kind of topaz or quartz stone. There is no definitive way anyone can tell you what the stone is by looking at a picture, you can take it to a jeweler and they may be more helpful but only a graduated gemologist can definently tell you what the stone is and the treatments it may or may not have gone through.
  3. Maybe Smokey Topaz?
  4. or super light colored amathyst is also a possibility if it has a pinkish tinge.
    you won't know until you take it to a jeweler. they usually don't charge to tell you what a stone is.
  5. Thanks all :biggrin:
  6. I'm 99% sure it's a topaz, but definitely get it checked out by a jeweler. Beautiful ring, in any case!
  7. Because of the colour, the first thing I thought of was citrine, which is often yellow/greenish.
  8. It's a little dark, so it could be lemon topaz as well.
  9. it could be a brazilian topaz which is yellowish or golden but when it gets dirty it can get a little grey. try a google search on some different stones and you can check them out.
  10. I'm an antique sterling silver valuer. The pics aren't the best so there's no way I can tell by sure; but it looks to be 9ct hallmarked, in an early setting. Can't see the stone very well, but possibly an Amethyst. If you tell me what the punches are, I can definitely date it for you :smile:

  11. It appears to be gold.. I hallmarks are all rubbed away.. :<

    There are about 5 hallmarks altogether on this..
  12. Could be synthetic too.