Ideas for a cute gift-basket for S.O.?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I've been seeing a guy in Chicago and he always sends me wonderful boxes of cookies because he knows I'm a sucker for them! I thought it was time to send him a little gift basket.

    I really have no clue what to put in it. He's kind of a health nut: he used to be the captain of his college track team. He's a trader by profession and I'm not sure he has any serious hobbies like golf or painting or anything... he likes to run, but he just works a lot, basically. Kinda tough to figure out what to put in it.

    He said, "Just throw together some Excedrin and CLIF bars and I'll be happy."

    Any ideas?
  2. How about some healthy snacks such as dried fruits, chocolate-covered soy nuts, etc...? You could also put in a copy of Men's Health, music to work out to, a box of heat/ice pads for muscle strains... Just some ideas that come to mind!
  3. Oh my gosh, ggk84: that's soooo great! I love the Men's Health idea!
  4. LOL! Glad to be of help! :flowers:
  5. re: mens health -- runner's world is also excellent.

    other ideas:
    a nice tie or some cufflinks.

    a couple of cans of his favorite energy drink or a starbucks giftcard.

    if you have some money lying around i am totally in love with the nike+ system right now ( even though i haven't bought it so i can't first hand recommend it. :shame: i did play with it at the store though! :biggrin:) be aware most hardcore runners love a specific brand of shoes. if he's not a nike man, he might not get a lot of use out of it.

    itunes GCs.

    a new wallet (i've noticed a lot of men let theirs die and then beat it some more before they buy a new one)

    a framed picture montage (how racy depends on the relationship :graucho:)

    a favorite wine/liquor

    cigars if he smokes them

    something from his childhood (ie my DH likes legos)

    nice stationary to write you love letters. ;)

    squirt guns to blow off steam

    a slinky (everyone loves a slinky! :yes:)

    what a cute idea irissy! gift baskets are so fun. enjoy making it as much as he'll enjoy recieving it! :flowers:
  6. you said one of his hobbies is running, so how about an IPod armband?!



    then, the men's health idea is brilliant, and you can add energetic snacks and drinks!
  7. :blink::lol:
  8. yeah. so i can't spell. so sue me. :supacool:

    (well, on second thought...please don't. i spent all my money on bags and jeans so i won't have any to give to you if you do! :lol:)

    *edit* wait. i did spell irissy right. what's up with the :weird: smiley? it's late and i'm slooooooow. (we should have a dunce smiley. :yes:)

    edit one last time: i'm in need of the dunce smiley again because i just realized it's IntlSet that posted the original thread. :noggin: that's my cue to head towards bed!

    carry on. :roflmfao:
  9. Also idk if i"m the only person still using Cd's burn him a couple Cd's ie either of stuff you like or stuff you know he likes.
  11. [​IMG]

    Jennifer, I just bought my sister an iPod nano and this arm band for her birthday. The iPod fits very snugly so it is secure! :flowers:
  12. does he appreciate spas? maybe a spa massage for 2?

    p.s. or a series of massages for him?
  13. ^^^ She doesn't live in Chicago. I don't think she wants to encourage him to get a spa massage for 2! LOL!!!
  14. LOL!! AHAHA! Yeah, thanks, ggk84... There are some cute clerks at the CBOT and I do NOT need him treating one of them to a massage on me!