ID this bag?

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  1. Hello, can someone hlp me ID-ing this bag and its current market price? Am quite confident of its authenticity.

    It's gorgy and unusual, right?



  2. Hi!
    Looks like mine except that I have a "Mombasa-like" handle and adjustable strap..
    I checked the authenticity card and the white info card.. it only says it's from the F/W 2002 collection.. no name..
    And no idea on the current market price either.. sorry :shrugs:
    But it definitely is a great bag.. vintage-ish and very unusual.. love it! :tup:

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  3. It is a older YSL Rive Gauche? Don't know how to spell it. I seen it in a red version. It looks authentic...
  4. OMG OMG OMG!!!! Thanks for the replies, kcf and Totally Addicted!!!!
    So it might be from transitionary era (Tom Ford - Pilati). It is indeed special.

    How does yours wear, TotallyAddict?
    And how do you rate the quality compared to current YSL bag?
  5. Tom Ford was the artictic director in 2002. He did not leave until 2004.