ID Please help me IDENTIFY this Michael Kors

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  1. Found it - it’s a Barlow.
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  2. image.jpg image.jpg
    Found at a consignment store, did an online search and found a few like it but none said the style name
  3. Can anyone tell me the name of this bag? I can't find a photo anywhere to compare. Thank you so much! bag1.jpg bag2.jpg
  4. Purchased this second-hand & I am wondering if it is authentic & if so, what is it's name? The pics of the gold plate & stamp inside appear to be a different colour but it is because my camera needed to have the flash off to get them clear to read. Thank you in advance! :biggrin: Orange MK-1.jpg Orange MK-2.jpg Orange MK-3.jpg Orange MK-4.jpg Orange MK-5.jpg Orange MK-6.jpg
    Orange MK-7.jpg Orange MK-8.jpg
  5. Might this be an Austin crossbody? I think I have a bronze one in my closet somewhere.
  6. I need some help!
    My girlfriends mother has the purse shown below and my girlfriend is crazy about it. All I have to go on is the picture if anyone knows the name of it and could get me on the right path you would be my hero!!
  7. This looks like a Marina bag from about 3-4 years ago, the material is usually referred to as Signature. If I remember correctly there's a few styles like a bucket bag, tote, and maybe another. It's cute! I really loved the denim bucket style!
  8. Does anyone know the name of this bag? I've searched and seen other styles with this woven leather but I can't find this bag at all. 20190309_161457.jpg
  9. Hello;
    Would anyone help me to identify this bag? Thank you very much.
    m_5c83e7f5f63eea77130cf0a2.jpg m_5c83e7f74ab6336c2b4a23c1.jpg
  10. It looks like the Jane Medium Messenger in Navy. It’s a cute functional bag and I love the black strap on it :smile:
  11. and how old they are/if they are still available for sale? thanks!
    MK bracelets.jpg
  12. Cute! I’m not familiar with these, but they look like they are an older design. You should try TJ Maxx in-store, they always have cute MK jewelry even if it is past seasons.
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  13. Thank you! I will check both my stores.
  14. Hello, I just bought MK Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Bifold Zip Coin Wallet from trusted seller in Indonesia. This is my very first MK purchased, so I don’t have any idea how to assess the authenticity of the product. Anybody, please help me to check is it original or not. Thank you in advance :smile:
    AFDF6F63-2973-4681-A7DC-B7E34186A0EF.jpeg CD37A2A2-31F5-4C2B-A8BF-C2D83358DC43.jpeg 833361D3-1434-48B1-94B9-CBC1077CDE3A.jpeg 777D0B6B-457C-4726-BDEB-DB7BB3F085FD.jpeg 571C308F-B93A-4CF7-BC34-1FEF815AEC9A.jpeg 7FDC4131-C41B-4A33-9975-0996AF8FD891.jpeg 097F5951-CAD3-4536-89EB-37F326D331D8.jpeg F8E835CD-DAAF-4E89-9446-2944B77A3F63.jpeg 9EC8B80F-4DE8-40B9-B9B4-AE7957399BBB.jpeg C4FF03B5-B219-43FF-A2ED-F55343881188.jpeg
  15. 20190411_173251 (1).jpg 20190411_173224.jpg Hi Fellow Purselovers,
    Would you please help me identify this xlarge Michael Kors Hobo? Thanks
    20190411_173251 (1).jpg