ID Please help me IDENTIFY this Michael Kors

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  1. You can start a thread in the MK forum asking for help .
  2. Hi everybody! I inquired about this on a different thread with no luck so I decided to create my own thread. I am looking for the name of this bangle. It is gold, has 10 crystals total and is pretty petite in size. I am assuming it is fairly old, as it is not on nor at any big department store websites(I could be wrong about this). I bought it off Poshmark and the listed was titled as "MK Crystal Pave Gold Bracelet" but that is not the official name. I can tell the quality is pretty good so I doubt that it is unauthentic, but it's got me scratching my head because I can't find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated, thank you! mk.JPG
  3. This is the thread for identifying any MK ;)
    No individual threads please. Any authenticity questions need to be posted in the thread provided for authenticating MK items.
  4. Please help to identify this MK bag :sad:
  5. Hi, my friend offered me this MK bag, it looks like a Cynthia but I'm not really sure since the handle looks different.
    Can anyone please tell me which MK bag is this bag?
  6. Hard to say with the handles covered. I've never seen this perforated pattern on a MK Cynthia.
  7. Hard to say......MK has a couple of similar styles but the handles are different.
  8. How about this? Please let me know the style. The tag says Made in China E-2307 Screenshot_20180723-152747_Gallery.jpg
  9. How about this bag? Thanks! Screenshot_20180723-152747_Gallery.jpg
  10. Hello! I'm not looking for authentication per se, but my friend has a bag and she's trying to figure out what it might be worth as someone approached her about buying it and she doesn't use it frequently. I will do the research on price, but I have no idea what the name of the MK purse is. The tag says Made in China AP-1308 I'm attaching pictures in case that might help. Thanking you so much in advance.
    DSC02046.jpg DSC02047.jpg DSC02049.jpg
  11. Hudson Zip Top Satchel Tote
  12. Thank you so very much for your help!!!
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  13. m57229471846_1.jpg
  14. I believe this is the Bedford Shoulder Bag