ID Please help me IDENTIFY this Michael Kors

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  1. 773E5F69-37A6-4E66-AB4F-EC226A879E9D.png 42771997-00A7-4AF7-92FE-51058C456770.png Please identify this handbag. My friend found it at a store 2-3 months ago and now it’s gone. She wants this handbag so bag but without knowing anything about it, it’s very hard to find. I’m an idiot when it comes to these things
  2. I think this is the Reagan satchel. Came in medium and large sizes.
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  3. Like @megcurry said, it's the Reagan Satchel. It's on his website.
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  4. You guys are amazing! Thank you so much! Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
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  5. Dear all, can you help me identify my new bag. Since it is the first time i bought branded bag, i don't know how to identify or check its authentication. I see the stich kinda strange and messy and i am not sure it is fake or genuine. Please help. Many many thanks.
    IMG_20181011_004158_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004340_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004115_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004132_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004338_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004258_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004223_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004035_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004102_HHT.jpg IMG_20181011_004347_HHT.jpg
  6. The name is Rhea. The name will be on the retail tag.
  7. Many thanks! Have a nice day!
  8. Is this a Hamilton? I’m not very familial with Michael kors...I’m also on the fence on the authenticity of the item
    7DAAEC31-48C7-468B-BA3E-BDD2536DDC54.jpeg 104F1CDE-9EC8-4DE1-B6F3-8F3F585533EA.jpeg 38DADDD1-B61C-45F1-8F6F-A412328B7B33.jpeg D341AD36-4AF7-4797-B758-CB62015DE95F.png
  9. Older Hamilton. Questions of authenticity should be requested in the ATMK thread.
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  10. I believe this is a outlet bag (as per the lining) from 2014, but does it have a name? Thanks!
    9FB6613B-9473-462F-B06E-77C1D26F8E4D.jpeg C90D6AD4-8DC3-4ED5-B712-42A77B356EEF.jpeg 7C73CD87-211A-4FAA-86B2-87062B1F21B6.jpeg 3F29753C-268A-47CA-B21D-AB63C15C4934.jpeg
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  12. Thanks!
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  13. Need help identifying this bag:

  14. Outlet version of the Hamilton
  15. Good evening everyone. Would anyone know the name of this bag? I purchased it at JFK airport at the beginning of 2018.
    The closest I can get is Brooklyn but I don't think it's that as it doesn't have the front flap (I have a Brooklyn in black)
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