ID Lindsay Lohan's bag.

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  1. Can anyone ID this gorgeous bag :heart: ?

    Attached Files:

  2. Chanel
  3. Do you know which collection it comes from? I have never seen it in stores or online! :confused1:
  4. Thank you CE - Anyone have any ideas?
  5. Why does Samantha Ronson insist on making herself look like a guy?
  6. She doesn't look like a guy to me. :nogood: :shrugs:
  7. I would also like to know who makes the bag that alime pointed out. It's small and cute!
  8. :wlae:

  9. So that is a Chanel or no? I want that bag. I saw a picture of it week's ago and had no idea what it was.
  10. Neither of the bags in this post are Chanel.
  11. Yeah, the first bag is the Mayle Jeanne as someone pointed out.