I'd like to introduce Suri...

  1. My puggle!!!!!! I just got her last week!!! :love:

    I really wanted a regular pug but my SO was not interested at all. We thought it would be funny to name her after TomKat's missing daughter. She's almost 3 months old - just about the same age too!

    Any puggle and other dog owners here? I'd like some tips on biting! She's a little mouthy right now. We've tried saying "no bite" coupled with binaca on the side of her mouth but it's not that effective. Do we need to completely walk away and ignore her?

    Also, I've included one picture of my mouse. I don't think I'll be introducing him to Suri anytime soon though. :lol:
    suri1.jpg suri4.jpg suri5.jpg suri6.jpg suri7.jpg suri8.jpg suri9.jpg mousy.jpg suri3.jpg
  2. she looks just like Katie!

    but seriously, what a scrumptious little pup!
  3. She needs a chew toy or something to chew on, like a Nylabone or something. Go get one or your shoes are next! Chewing is normal puppy behavior so you should provide her with "OK" chew items.
    She is a doll!
  4. she is so adorable. kisses.
  5. I'm taking it no ones picked up on my pun?

  6. Hey, I am drugged outta my mind, give me a hint:upsidedown:
  7. I guess you are not a big fan of Katie huh bagnshoo??? :roflmfao:
  8. :lol:

    Congrats!!! She is ADORABLE!!!:love::tender:
  9. What a babydoll! I have two puggies(not puggles) but you can't find a more agreeable personality. Our puggies were biters until about 6 months. A water bottle is a great deterrent for almost anything,although our baby Pearl took a little longer to respond to the water bottle. Just don't aim for the face,mouth,or eyes. I know your's is only half pug,but maybe it'll work. And my babies will do anything for tiny baby carrots,but I wait until they are chweing really well to reward with them. It's how I got my girls litter trained.

  10. its okay baby, I'll talk you down......
  11. I have no formal opinions of the "cruises" as it were. Just referring to the "suri" connection..........

    but c'mon, look at those eyes!!!!!!
  12. Holmes... i thought the same thing. I love your pup!!! ADORABLE!! I want one!!!!!!!
  13. Congrats! She's super cute!!
  14. Absolutely precious!!!

    My advice for preventing biting is kind of messy, but it works wonders. We got our baby boy Kodiak when he was just a couple months old and he had needle sharp teeth.

    Depending on the size of the pup's mouth you can use a couple fingers or a full fist (we had to use a full fist for our so called "puppy" he was so big).

    You don't "shove" it forcefully or anything but when he starts to bite stick your fingers down the back of his throat. Seriously! It's kind of gross and slimy, but it works. They hate having your fingers down there and they hate not being able to close their mouth.

    They'll associate their biting with that icky feeling of your fingers down their throat. :smile: It works I promise. LOL Kodiak still to this day doesn't want our hands in his mouth. =D
  15. Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!! That is one sweet little Puggle!! Up until now I've only seen pics of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal's Puggle. Your Suri is just the CUTEST pup :love: :flowers: !!! I love all the pics of her especially the one on the couch with her baby. As far as the mouthing, we would immediately stick a toy in our pups mouths when they would begin to want to chew on our hands. Congrats on your adorably sweet new baby Suri!!