ID Leighton's shorts??

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  1. I saw this picture on jessica style too, but I loved her shoes as well!!

    If anybody can as well ID her shoes, I'd be super happy!
  2. sunnydayz256 IDK the brand of the shorts but can I just say I love Blake and Leighton and that I love this photoshoot that they did... I am wishing I'd see them around here in NYC while shooting GG!!! Goodluck with the shorts. If not, there are a lot of styles like those at Nordie's, Blomingdales' etc. :biggrin:
  3. OBSESSED WITH THOSE SHORTS...i want to know too :smile:
  4. The shoes are definitely Christian fact, both Leighton and Blake are wearing CLs. I'm pretty sure Blake is wearing Declics, and I can't remember the style of Leighton's pair.. I'm sure the ladies in the CL subforum can help you track them down!
  5. leighton is wearing sushi by ruthie davis. they are NOT louboutins
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    Very cute shorts! Where can they be found...anyone know.
  7. vbs-i LOVE leighton and blake as well! just huge fans of the style, the show, everything! the photo shoot-pictures were great. nice to know another fan on here! :smile: hopefully you do get to run into them in NYC, you lucky girl!
  8. You are right!! Thank you so much!! I googled Sushi by Ruthie Davis and this came up:

    Unfortunately..they cost an arm and a leg, oh and your first born.