ID Amal Alamuddin's Bag?

L etoile

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Jun 9, 2007
urban jungle
I thought about Tods but the metal buckle seems to be angular (not flat). I also though Chloe, VB, or Ralph Lauren. Can't wait to find out what it is!


Oct 30, 2014
Toronto, Canada
Thank you thank you so much!! Looks like they don't ship to the U.S. 😞
Hi. stocks Ballin items on occasion. You could try and find it on that website and they'll ship it to you. Another alternative: Order it from Dubai....Mall of The Emirates (MOE). I've bought italian brands that dont directly ship to USA, but have outlet stores in MOE. ALL you have to do is call the store, and do a phone order and they'll ship it. You can find Ballin MOE phone number by google or on Ballin's website. Good luck!

Ps, dont have any of their bags but I have 3 pairs of their shoes....excellent quality and well worth every euro