Icons Book

  1. Hi is the Icons book good, the one with the silver keepall on the front. And how much is it ?. What pics are inside ?

    thanks in advance

    ~steve~ :smile:
  2. It's like 20 bux. Truth-be-told.. I haven't looked through it yet...
  3. oooo its cheap, I like the sound of it :p :nuts:
  4. Ok.. Just flipped through it..
    An Intro by Marc Jacobs and the various iconic bags with little pieces by special authors. Great pictures throughout- some ads, some just bags, some cartoons..Good buy IMO for 20 bux..
  5. I think im going to pick one up! 20$? thats a bargain!
  6. I'm getting a few- they supposudly have good resale :angel:
  7. Hi! I just saw it yesterday at LV and I think the actual retail price is $18.95. My favorite SA was not impressed with the book at all. She likes the large LV book that came out before with the history of the company. I looked at the Icons book but it seems to be mainly pictures with only a little bit of writing in it. I decided to pass - rather spend the $20 bucks towards my next LV purse - Petit Noe!!!
  8. Hmmmm, I may have to open a thread about the re-sale of LV books LOL ! hehe :lol: :lol:
  9. It's cheap for less than $20..I haven't really read the other book, the birth of Modern Luxury.., I think you should get it.
  10. I saw it on eBay yesterday for over $90!! Holy cow, that's quite the profit LOL Think I'm gonna go get a few for resale!

    It's not a VIP item is it? some of the listings on eBay are saying it is? Is there maybe two versions?
  11. No its not a VIC item and available to everyone. For the price I think its a good book to have in your collection.:flowers:
  12. I'm getting mine for Christmas :yes:
  13. do they only sell LV books at the LV store and not at book stores?!?! I think I might want an icon book too!
  14. It is a really great deal! Nice book and good price.
  15. It's $18.95 USD. For the price it's a good buy....lots of really glossy pics!