I would love to see your diamond solitaire pendants!!

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  1. Just added a .65 carat round solitaire. Sorry, as my phone does not do it justice.
  2. So beautiful. And a great size too.

  3. Thank you! It's at the jewelers now, getting an overhaul. Will post when it's finished :smile:
  4. I just happen to have I on:smile:

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  5. 😃 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1405657541.332611.jpg
    Top one is white gold cluster and it's vintage. Yellow gold is my old engagement ring that my husband had reset in yellow gold. I mix white and yellow gold.
  6. Very pretty :smile:
  7. Thank you!:smile:
  8. Lovely set!

    Actually every piece here is beautiful but I have a bezel set stone too so this particularly resonates.

  9. I love solitaire pendants! Here are mine- a .55ct omc, a .90 princess, and a .45 round:smile:

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  10. Love these!! Especially the setting on the round. Very unique.
  11. Thanks jenna_foo:smile:
  12. Just got my reset back and wanted to share

    Sorry for the poor quality iPhone pics
  13. Gorgeous!! This a DBTY /bezel?
  14. Thank you! It is my original engagement diamond that I had made into a dbty. (It is the third or fourth setting I've had it in - I love changing it up :smile:)
  15. Yes, it's a prettier setting:smile: