I would love to see your diamond solitaire pendants!!

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  1. I am going to purchase a diamond solitaire pendant within the next few days and would appreciate it if anyone can post pic of their own pendant and the size. I can only afford 0.70ctw and am wondering if that is a decent size. Thanks
  2. I think it's a decent size for a pendant. I think anything over a carat would really look too big for a necklace, but when it comes to rings - that's another story! LOL
  3. I plan on getting a diamond solitaire pendant too! What color and clarity is the one you're looking at? Would you mind sharing how much it will cost you? We can PM each other if it's easier for you.
  4. I actually ordered it yesterday thru blue nile. 0.70 ctw/F/SI2/Ideal cut. It came out to $2119 and it should arrive Mon. I couldnt decide btwn the bezel and petite bail but ended up ordering the bezel. I hope I love it.
  5. I'm sure it will look nice. I disagree about over a carat not looking right on a necklace. MANY of my friends have solitaire necklaces with way over a carat and it looks beautiful. I don't find 1 carat to be that large. I also have a solitaire necklace that is a little under 2 carats and its a bezel set diamond that looks great.

    Show us when you get it!
  6. I think the size is perfect, can't wait to see pics!

    I also disagree about anything over a carat being too big. If I could buy what I want today it would be a 2 crt pear solitaire pendant.
  7. Mine heart is .70 ct. It is a heart.
    I had it custom set in white gold.
    It was in a ring I found in a pawn shop, I bought the ring and had my jeweler create a pendant like a photo I saw in a deBeers advertisement.
    I do not know what the clarity and color etc. are but it is very sparkly (may not show in my terrible photos) and the total cost was $350. I get compliments on it all the the time and it matches just fine with my super-expensive earrings from whiteflash.com

    Anyway, the photos should give you an idea of size. I am petite(5 ft 3)and thin but somewhat busty--I always think its good to know the size of a person when you are trying to figure out what jewelry will look like on you.

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  8. There's a thread on here somewhere with lots ofpics of diamond pendants.

    Did you buy yours yet?
  9. I searched for the pendant thread and couldn't find it.

    I 'm also interested in small solitaire diamond pendants, as I have a loose round cut diamond that I don't know what to do with...
  10. Jade your pedant is pretty and perfect in size. I've already ordered it and est delivery date is for Mon but I may get it Tues. I will post pics when it arrives.
  11. I'll lookfor it tomorrow. I'm tired tonight and I find its not easy to find threads on this forum--I don't know why. Atleast, not for me.

    It is useful to look at others.

  12. Thanks, I like mine a lot and wear it often.

    I have a QVC 1.5 ct which is fairly convincing(it doesn't fool me, but people used to think it was real--maybe the distance) and I thought that sizewould be a good one for me since I have larger earrings (each is bigger than my pendant) but I didn't like that look on me at all so decided I didn't want to buy a large pendant (since I was doing the pawn shop, cost was not all that much of an issue). I have a better fake (one of Wink's) which is a .75 pear and I thought a real diamond pear of that size was what I would would want. (I often use fakes to figure out what I want before I spend $$$$ and regret it). Ido like pear pendants a lot. I was attracted to heart diamonds too but thought I did not like them in pendants, since I had only seen the type hanging fromthe rabbit ears, where you lose the shape of the heart. Then I saw the deBeers design and I fell in love. I was so happy when I found the size heart that I wanted and the jeweler was able to copy this pretty style so well.

    There are a bit different rules for what diamonds look good in pendants and in rings, because people see them differently. There is more distance on a pendant and it moves in a different way on your neck. I looked all this up on Pricescope when I was looking to buy and so I knew that this particular diamond would look good in a pendant although it was not great in the ring it was set in (even if you like heart shaped diamonds in rings). It's very white and though it has inclusions, they are white inclusions that you can see when its in a ring, but not in a pendant. It has a larger table and a larger 'spread' (it's 6.3 mm, almost the size of a one carat round)and I would have been wary if I hadn't seen it in person, but just on paper,but its cut so that its very sparkly anyway. It was actually a sparkly ring even and I knew that the way a pendant moves around on your neck, it would be great, which it is.

    Now I just have to figure out what to do with my fakes, which I don't wear anymore, not even the nice one (the pear),I like the heart so much better.

  13. Here are a couple of pictures of my diamond pendant. It was a wedding gift from my DH. The specs are .75 ct in the center H SI1 .10 ct in the halo for a total of .85 ct. [​IMG], [​IMG]
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    It is gorgeous! Do you think that a 0.25 (excellent cut, good color, few inclusions) will be too small to make a pendant? Most ppl I see they choose stones closer to 1ct, but my loose stone is very small and I don't want it to sit in a box. I was thinking bezel set.

  15. Thanks Lily25. Personally I don't think that it would be too small, however, I would put a halo around it to make it pop. I don't think that a bezel will accent it well, in fact IMO it would hide it. But 0.25 ct should not just sit in a box. Another option would be to find a matching stone and make a pair of earrings. Good luck.;)
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