I wonder if all these bag ever hit the store?

  1. The MC Le Fab and L'Ingineux [I know I spelled that wrong] would have been GREAT... :biggrin:
  2. Gorgeous, thanks for the pics!
  3. gorgeous!! so hot!! omg i havent seen those! very nice thanks for those pics
  4. Thanks for the pix...good reminder that runway bags do notalways come about.
  5. [​IMG] HOT!!!! This would be just the ultimate bag,
  6. I love the Le Fab! :nuts:
  7. the ingenieux multicolore is beautiful
  8. Wow...all those Eye bags that never made it to the stores....I wonder who the lucky person is that owns that speedy!!!!!
  9. Jaw-dropping!
  10. For some reason I do not love the eye ones? Feels like they are looking at me, lol Sorry to those that love them I guess they are just not for me.

  11. The same for me, she's stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  12. I love this bag, wonder if a special order is possible hmmm....
    Multicolor L'Ingenieux PM.jpg
  13. can you still so anything from the "eye" line? god, i love it! that eye keepall is to dye for!!!
  14. No, that line unfortunately has been discontinued.