"I wish I got it in a different color."

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  1. #1 Jun 7, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2016
    As my collection grew, purchasing more bags, selling some here and there, I now realize I am left with a bag collection that is practically all black bags! If only I could trade in a bag in exchange for it in a new color.

    My collection included, but I eventually ended up selling:
    - Red Large Céline Trio
    - Rose Milk Chloé Marcie
    - Indigo LV Neverfull in Epi Leather MM
    - Powder Saint Laurent Y Clutch
    - Multicolor LV
    - Damier E. LV Speedy 30
    - Gucci Horsebit Hobo
    - Denim LV Bag

    My current collection of bags:
    - Chanel Jumbo (Black Caviar/GHW)
    - Chanel Le Boy (Black Lamb/RHW)
    - Céline Phantom Cabas Tote (Black)
    - Céline Large Trio (Black)
    - Saint Laurent Sac de Jour (Black)
    - Givenchy Antigona (Black)
    - LV Mahina XS (Black)
    - Céline Classic Box (Souris- a taupe/grey color)
    - Chloé Faye (Motty Grey)

    Anyone ever feel like they wish they got it in a different color? I love my collection but after my latest additions of two black Chanel bags, I wish that maybe two or three of my other ones were a different color. :/

    Saint Laurent SDJ would be great in their tan/beige color.
    Trio would be amazing in the burgundy color.
    Givenchy Antigona in the grey color.

    Example of my very black and white color palette:
  2. I share the same taste in colours as you! My wardrobe is practically black, navy, cream and grey, but I love olive and burgundy accessories.

    Judging by the colour of the bags you sold, it seems like you fancy the fall colour palette. Instead of thinking of the models you have in another colour, maybe you could consider buying a different model in tan and burgundy?

  3. I love neutrals too! I'm definitely on a bag ban for a while since this year I got the Céline box and two Chanels. I think the next bag buys will definitely have to be either shades of brown, navy, or burgundy for sure.
  4. Your row of cream tops is to die for. I try to stop myself from buying neutral clothes but I love neutrals with interesting construction and / or materials.

    One reason I do is I love colored bags. I have pinks, reds, blues, teal, metallics... Because I want to wear these bags all the time, I buy a lot of white, cream, gray, black clothes. Not exclusively. I have a good amount of colored clothing too. But I like the backdrop of neutrals for my colorful handbags.

    Initially, I had to force myself to not buy black. Then once I did I got the color bug (for certain colors). Maybe you could branch out with a bag in your favorite color and see where it goes from there. If you like it, keep going. If not, call it and love your pretty neutral bags! You have a great collection!!! Two of yours are on my radar as probable buys - the SDJ & Antigona

    One other thing to think about. In real life, 9 bags is a lot. On TPF, where many people have over 100 bags, it's very reasonable. I have 26 bags. 10 of which are neutral colors. I can't see having much less than about 10 neutrals to meet my personal wardrobe needs. That allows me to play with color with the other bags I've added. 😊
  5. I think you have a classic (and beautiful wardrobe) of which you can be very proud

    It seems you sold your more colourful bags in the past which is a big commitment. I do think a burgundy or other dark red would be wonderful for the future but I think black probably suits you.

    I can't see a pattern for me but I certainly have enough back bags including all but 2 of my Chanel and 3 Hermes. My last few bags have been magenta, bright green and white, none of them cheap (although the magenta was on sale). I know some people spend less per bag when they buy strong colours but my brightest colours are the most expensive, there is something totally glamourous about having a forever bag in a statement colour. I have 2 Hermes bags in Bambou which I bought without much hesitation, when you find that perfect colour for you, you won't find yourself reverting back to the safety of classic black.

  6. Thank you! I think moving forward I will definitely steer clear of any other black bags (for now) the two latest additions were the Chanel bags and there was no question that I wanted those in black. My next bag will most likely be trying to find a really good tan or saddle color or burgundy!

  7. I definitely don't see myself spending too much (like Chanel) on a color bag. But definitely some kind of deep red for the future! And these will most likely be cross body style as well.
  8. I will likely get hammered by OP for saying this, but I honestly wish some of my bags I have bought in black, like true black colour as I don't actually baby my bags a lot but I don't trash them either, just normal use, and some colours of my bags show wear easily. I love cream colour and even pale pink for bags, but I never buy them if for the same amount of $ I can have black. Also, some brands don't put their black bags on sale, all the harder to justify the purchase for a black bag and so I end up with as dark a colour as I can get. Black is classic.
  9. Your closet is gorgeous! I love your color palette.
  10. That's definitely my thought process. And I also loved having a variety of bag styles in black haha. But I think I've covered my basics! All that is missing is a black backpack style then I'll venture towards my burgundy and creams/browns. 😅
  11. Thanks so much! Definitely told my boyfriend that I'll need a second room just for my closet when we get a place together, haha!
  12. I so love that you know what you like and what works for you! I think we all have a tendency to gravitate to things we are sure we like, I do that too! But I'm also starting to experiment with colour...I'm tentative and petrified of making a big mistake, because I too feel safe with black and some shade of neutral/saddle/ brown...but just every now and again I have a real appetite to get out of my comfort zone! It's great to try something new! I'm experimenting with blue at the moment....

    I too have a wardrobe largely focussed on neutrals and use colour and pattern sparingly but I also have a taste for other accessories so I think the clothes need to be turned down....

    I started by buying a more inexpensive blue bag to see if I'd feel like using it and surprisingly it's been very easy to use and quite versatile....I've let myself graduate to the BV in my avatar...

    Love your closet! Looks serene!

    E x