' I will bring you 1 or 2 '

  1. So just 1 minute ago somebody made a comment on my bag..again
    i just hate these rude comments

    I'm a student and right now i'm doing a 5 month internship
    My internship is at this company, the owner is turkish and they have a office in turkey and marocco. The headoffice is in Holland (where i am)
    anyway, i always bring my speedy 35 with me (and wallet and agenda) and put it on my desk.
    This older man who is sitting on the other side just said: IN TURKEY THEY SELL FAKE'S LIKE THAT FOR 10 EURO'S
    I reacted calm and normal: yes i know but those are fake
    he: may i ask what an original cost?
    me: i paid 445 euro for mine
    me (calm and respectfull) : yes i know but if you get to know louis vuitton, you can tell which one is fake and which is real
    he: NOO, not the ones in turkey, i will bring you 1 or 2!

    then i just smiled..gosh i dont WANT a fake one! he is leaving next week and i hope he doens't bring one, what the heck should i do if he does bring one
    say: omg yes it looks the same! so i don't come off as disrespectfull (sp?)
    well..i just have to wait untill he comes back

    have you ever received a fake lv, what did you to with it?
  2. wat grapig...:lol:

    just ignore him....
  3. hallo landgenoot ;)

    opzich wel grappig maar wat moet ik in hemelsnaam met een namaak!! hopelijk is zijn geheugen slecht en denktie er niet meer aan!!
  4. ik neem hem niet serieus.........:sweatdrop:

    translate : i dont take it serious...
  5. ik hoop het voor je anders zit je mooi met dat nep ding! :p

    Just say you already have one and you don't need another!
  6. i could do that..

    i just hope he doesn't bring it up today, he is a nice old man and i don't want to be the younger dis-respectfull kid who's like: ONLY REAL ONES FOR ME!
    (ok i AM that kid :p )
  7. haha that's funny :smile:
  8. i would point out the differences so he UNDERSTANDS that they are different bags!!!

    good luck!
  9. English only guys! :yes:

    If he brings you one, don't accept it, I wouldn't.
  10. It sounds as if he means to be nice, even though we purists find it insulting. He just doesn't understand.
  11. I would accept it but i wouldn't wear it. Later on you might inform him about fakes without making him feel to bad.
  12. Its bad but in a way, its funny. Sorry:sad:
    You want 1 or 2???:p
  13. Yes someone gave it to me as a gift one time...
    I just waited for few years until she forgot and gave it away..
  14. Oh how terrible. Tell him to give it to your colleagues since you already have one albeit a real one.
  15. Horror: what if there's no difference and it's one of those AAA-replica's?? :wtf: I' m no expert but I do hope there's always some difference!

    Grappig gesprek trouwens! Ik weet niet of ik zo kalm had kunnen blijven :p