i went shopping today and...

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  1. ... I got the pink tokidoki crossbones keychain and Onitsuka Tiger sticker from Prototype in Pearlridge. The keychain is A LOT bigger than I expected and that made me very :yahoo:.

    And then I also bought a Coach bag and keyfob, amongst other things. *lol*

    I also gave my bf $100 to buy the tattoo book he's wanting - because I wanted him to have something from my eventful day too - and he didn't want the money from me and so we were yelling (not in a mad way) "it's a gift to you!" and "take the money back!" in the car at a stoplight in Waikele. *lol* It was hilarious... :roflmfao: If only people could hear how we talk to each other!!
  2. Aww!! haha, sounds fun :p Are you gonna post pics of your toki finds?

  3. Oo...how much was the crossbone keychain? Aww, so sweet you and your bf!:tender:
  4. Dancing Nancies: Oh. Haha. I hadn't planned on taking photos because it was just a keychain and sticker. I can later on, though. I just finished taking updated photos of my Coach collection so I'm camera-beat right now!! I put the sticker on my laptop, along with the Latte.

    djr: It was $26. They had the white and pink crossbones and the Fantasimo (or however you spell it). No Adios Star.

    I wish they'd make more of a variety of these keychains!! I'd want the unicorn, Onitsuka Tiger, the bird...
  5. ahh very cool. Gosh, the last time I went over there..Prototype was closed, I think they were renovating? hmm idk. But yeahh very cool. I want a onitsuka tiger sticker lolz...idk about keychain, too much stuff on my keys lol...had more stuff than actual keys lol.
  6. where is this place?? i haven't been to pearlridge in sooo long!
  7. It's next to PriceBusters on the ground floor. They had tokidoki keychains, stickers, shirts, hats, Moofia vinyls...
  8. Haha. I don't put much on mine... Right now all I have are my keys, a mini Chococat flashlight, and one of those Paul Frank Finders Key Purse hooks (sooo convenient). It's fine if you have a lot of stuff on your keys, as long as they're light. Just beware of having lots of heavy stuff on your keychain because that can eventually lead to messing up the inside of the ignition slot because the keychain pulls on the key inside the ignition all the time. It's doesn't happen all the time, but it's been known to happen.

    BTW, the tokidoki keychain is sooooooooooo light!!
  9. OMG, I MUST go, I have never been to Pearlridge.
  10. Maya_exquisite, do they charge around retail for stuff? You left off with a "...", what else is at the store?
  11. Don't take this to be rude... How have you not ever gone to Pearlridge? You've never gone with your family...?

    And I don't know if they charge around retail... I just wanted the keychain and that's it. I trailed off with the items because I don't remember if there was anything else. Haha.
  12. Well, my family went while I had to go to school. Stupid school. :sad: They told me Pearlridge wasn't that great and that Ala Moana was better. But does Ala Moana have a TOKIDOKI store? I feel really excited, my mom says she'll take me over fall break.:lol:
  13. Pearlridge isn't FANTASTIC compared to mainland malls, but Ala Moana isn't that great either. It's just filled with overpriced tourist stuff. Pearlridge is great for the local shoppers. Lots of clothing stores like Forever21, Charlotte Russe, Papaya, Wet Seal, Contempo, etc. There's a Sears, Macy's, Sanrio Surprises, shoe stores, Borders, Local Motion, T&C, etc. And they have a bunch of new stores. I'd say check out the Pearlridge website and see what kinds of stores they have to offer.

    I would say Pearlridge is the "best" mall to go to besides Ala Moana because Kahala and Windward Mall are really mediocre.

    There are no "tokidoki stores"... Just a few retail stores that sell some tokidoki merchandise (but no tokidoki LeSportsac bags). Ones I know of are Prototype, Le Lotus Bleu (Ward and Ala Moana), Split Obsession (Koko Marina), Chic Icon (Koko Marina), and that one toy store on Waialae. And I guess Ala Moana just has Le Lotus Bleu and LeSportsac.

    P.S. I don't see why your family has never gone to Pearlridge on a WEEKEND or something... Deprived child! *hug*
  14. Here's the pink crossbones keychain. It's so cute!!
  15. Wow, that is super cute! Congrats and now I want one. :nuts: