I was sent the wrong item and the seller is being snippy with me!

  1. What ever happened to customer service?! This was her mistake and I'm getting guff for saying that I need instructions on what to do or else I will be filing a paypal claim asap. She said she's still waiting to hear from the person who received my item. It has been 48 hours.

    Can I at least ship the item that isn't mine back to her on my day off so that I can actually do it in a timely fashion and have it out of my house?!

    Ugh... I wonder if I should just open a claim. She sells tons of stuff on eBay. I won a cheap pair of shoes I plan to wear to bars and clubs (so they can get beer spilled on them and have it be no biggie). And at this point, I don't even want the darn things because I'm so annoyed. If she'd be nice I would feel differently. She's done this before according to her feedback. One of those people with tens of thousands of feedback, so she has a lot of negs even though it didn't seem so by the percentage. :sad:

    What should I do?
  2. Yes, you can ship them back whenever it is convenient for you.

    She should pay for the return shipping.

    Ultimately it would be best if she just returned an amount to each of you with the request that you forward the item to the person who it belongs to. You might suggest this to her..also, you might suggest that she call the person who has your item. If she has sold a lot on eBay she knows she can do this.

    I sent the wrong item out once and that is what I did. Luckily both women were VERY understanding and sent the packages to each other.

    I'd give her a week..she should be able to get to that person in 7 days.
  3. ^Yeah I agree.

    A couple of weeks ago I was sick and on top of that, my dad had just gotten some bad news from the dr so I was a bit frazzled (which normally does not happen).
    I still sent out my packages, albeit a couple of days later than I normally would but I let the buyers know that their items were sent. 3 days later, this one buyer emails me and wants to know where her books are and again, I calmly had to explain to her that SHE chose media mail which takes longer and to let me know when she received them. A couple more days go by and I don't hear anything and I went to list a couple of other books, realizing I accidentally put one of the wrong books in the lot I sent her. I email her explaining that I was sorry for the mistake and offered to send out the third book at my expense and she could keep the one I accidentally sent her.
    She flippantly says, "Oh yeah I received these books yesterday, I didn't even know that one was missing, I bought the lot for the other two books." And after that, she didn't leave feedback or thank me for the offer or ANYthing. I realized my mistake and offered to correct it for her but she was actually flippant about it. Yeah I guess that's why I have 723 fb's, all positive and she has 3 and one negative for being a "hard to please buyer."
  4. i would do the same as css suggested. she may not have heard from the other buyer yet.

    a few weeks ago i shipped two things on the same day. a pair of pants and a top. well the pants buyer left me fb (a nice negative positive. she didn't read the listing and took it out on my fb. sigh). then i get an email from the top buyer that the invoice i sent her was wrong and she did not get the top and where was it? it took me a minute but after emailing the pants buyer i realized i must have just put the wrong invoices in the packages. of course the pants buyer emailed me back and said she did get the pants and took the opportunity to again tell me how she thought they had stretch when i never mentioned it (gee thanks for letting me open THAT can of worms). i emailed the top buyer again asking her if she opened the package because i think it was just the invoice that was wrong, not the item. she sends me a more angry email asking who was xxxx (the other buyer) and where was her item and she WANTS IT etc etc. i calmly asked again, did you open the tissue wrapped item? she finally gets back that she will have her asst do it because it's at home or whereever. have not heard another peep. grrrr... why not at least email back an i'm sorry you were right i do have it?

    i was fully prepared to offer her a refund of the shipping with money to ship the item to the other person and vice versa. i think that's a fair deal. mistakes happen.

    i hope this works out for you soon
  5. Thanks for the advice. I am fine with waiting and giving her a chance but I expect because of the mistake for her to be polite to me. That is not happening.
  6. once the transaction is all over and done with you could post neutral feedback saying seller is "flippant and snippy in the face of her own mistake"
  7. I have done the same thing with two expensive items !! it easy to do , but i was very apologetic and luckily for me both buyers sent back the items , i did return shipping costs and eventually sent the right item to the right person . It was a good ending to a stupid mistake , .As a seller i would just beg for return of item and pray , being very nice to the buyers in the mean time . I would keep in touch with them to stop anybody getting stressed out .
  8. I'll admit, I actually sent the wrong items to the wrong customers (I swapped them). We were in the middle of moving with 2 kids and and an infant... absolute chaos.

    anyway, I got them to return the bags, and I switched them out. I refunded the shipping PLUS I refunded their money. They got their bags for free... but these were just lower end Ralph Lauren bags so I didn't go broke over the issue.
  9. why should YOU pay to return the item? and use your gas and time to go to the post office? SHE needs to make arrangements with UPS or FEDEX to come to YOU and pick up the package. And that goes for every other seller who has sent wrong items to buyers.

    I did it once and never did I expect the buyer to use her gas or time or money to ship my mistake back to me. I called UPS and they picked up the box from the buyer and delivered it to me.

    I would open a paypal claim immediately and escalate it to a claim right away.
  10. Same EXACT experience with me too a tee!!!!! In my five years of selling, ONCE this happened to me about 2 months ago - and THANKFULLY everyone involved was so easy going about it. No issues, but communication is so important. We all have to understand to err is human and we can't always be perfect. :rolleyes: So hard when you're dealing with someone who just doesn't understand. :sweatdrop:
  11. wow, i wish all of you guys were the people i dealt with on eBay! these suggestions are what REAL customer service is. true, why should the winner have to pay for gas/return shipping??! i got a pair of supposedly "new" shoes on ebay which were missing its straps and were clearly worn. the seller said she would pay for return shipping both ways, but never did...
  12. Try to understand that this person is human and try not to look past all of this persons positive feedback just to find the negatives. I HATE when people do that to me, I have 99% positive and over 8500 feedback but still i get customers that pull out the negatives to throw in my face... You cant please everyone so everyone with thousands of feedback will have a few negatives. Im sure it was just a mistake and if she has alot of feedback and a good score then im sure she will make it right. Just return the item with a note saying what you ordered and you would like it shipped right out, if she cant do that then just to please refund you.
  13. Even though it is a burden on you, I would suggest shipping the item back right away with signature confirmation. I would leave the box unsealed and bring my shipping tape along to the post office, then after you buy the postage and get the receipt, make a copy of it and stick in the box along with a letter asking her to send you the correct item. If she can't then she should refund your money. She should also reimburse you for the return postage regardless, as evidenced by the receipt you included in the box. I know this is a lot of work, but as others have said, people do make mistakes. Occasional annoyance is a casualty of internet shopping IMO. At least this way, if you have to open a claim, you have proof that you returned the item, which is all Paypal needs. Good luck!
  14. I have just been sent a pair of shoes in a different size than advertised in the listing. It's a pair of MJ slides, two sizes larger than advertised. The seller didn't want to do anything about it. After the third email, she replied saying that if I send the slides back, she will refund me.

    I tried asking her if she would pay for the return shipping. Help. I should return it with registered post, right?