I was planning to sell my bags on ebay, or BBOS help with pricing?

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  1. #1 Aug 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 30, 2011
    I have a few bags I need to sell, and wanted to know what you thought was a fair price? I don't have the receipt, but could get the receipt for any by driving to my local LV store which is about 1 hour away. Bag Borrow or Steal Private Sale gave me pricing which seemed low, so I wanted to see what you thought was fair before I went to ebay, or if I should accept BBOS's offers?

    Not sure how to add pictures?

  2. I would do a search on ebay for COMPLETED auctions that match your bags. You have to be logged on to do this. You may find a couple to give you an idea of what someone is willing to pay. Your bags are unique so won't find then all but its a start.
  3. I would personally recommend Bonanzle over ebay for DIY selling or Yoogis Closet over BBOS for consignment. Good luck!
  4. BBOS prices are too low in my owN experience, I rejected their offer.
  5. ditto ~ i have good luck selling on ebay.
  6. I have found that I have the best luck on Yoogis Closet. Probably lower than doing it yourself on Ebay... but you don't have to deal with the headache of non-paying buyers, fraud, photos, descriptions, etc. :smile:
  7. I would get quotes from Yoogis and Shopfashionablylate.com

    I got 85% of the listed price on SFL.
  8. what bags are you trying to sell??? i mean obviouslly it also depends on the conditon of them too........ but which styles?
    and ive always sold on ebay and had good results.
  9. She is not allow to list the items...

    Best thing to do is as suggested already. Search around eBay for "completed" listings and get quotes from some resellers. Take good pictures and discriptions for accurate quote.
  10. I do NOT recommend BBO private sale for your LV or other high end design purses.

    I tried to sell a LV purse to BBO and had a very bad experience. The price quote I received was pretty good so I sent my purse over to them. It took them about a week after delivery to confirm the receipt. However immdiately they changed the status from "received" to "decline". I have to call them to find out that they decide to return my purse for some minimal scuffs. My nightmare started when they really took their time to send my purse back. After multiple calls and unfulfilled promises, they finally sent it back after 10 days.

    I will only use BBO to sell my Coach purses, if I can't sell for better price on ebay myself.
  11. I realize that selling on eBay also means a lot of fees paid to eBay and Paypal. Do you guys think selling to Yoogis is similar at the end of the day?
  12. Hi - I'm posting here because I have an ebay question and don't want to start a new thread.

    I have sold to BBOS. I was happy with the price they offered (800 cash or 880 credit for an old watercolor speedy with a big ink stain inside.) I did check out ebay completed listings and most sold for 1500-1800, but when you take the ebay and paypal fees out that drops to 1200-1500. Plus with the big ink stain I wasn't sure how much that would reduce the final selling price.

    BUT while I was happy with the price from BBOS, I was not happy with the length of time it took for them to "receive" "inspect" my bag and then "process" payment, all together it took 1 month from the day I submitted pics of my bag to the day the check cleared into my bank account. I took a while to send the bag and deposit the check so it probably took 3 weeks.

    I think I may try ebay next. I'm just worried about receiving payment. What would happen if I sent my bag and received payment through paypal, but then find out that the person buying my bag stole someone elses credit card to pay for it. Wouldn't I have to refund the money to the credit card company? Then I would not have my bag and not have money!
  13. This is toooooo much drama ? As long as you have a Paypal acct as the seller or the buyer you are coveted. Plus I would hope paypalmverifiesthentranaction before clearing your payment .
  14. I just sold a LV and Chanel handbag to coutureusa about a month ago to fund some new purchases.

    I got additional quotes from BBOS, Yoogi's, and Luxury Exchange. Coutureusa was so fast it blew my mind. I sent in pics. 24hrs later I got a quote. The quote was good for 30 days. I waited to get quotes from all the sites. Coutureusa was the highest.

    I was emailed a printing label and they paid for shipping and handling and insurance. When they received within 3 days they called to personally say they received and within 24 hours, once their intake team inspected bag, they would send money thru paypal or check...my choice. And Coutureusa gave me 85%.

    Worked for me!:smile:
  15. Would you buy from them as well? I am thinking of buying something from them but don't hear them me tilted too often on the LV forum.....