I was loved...

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  1. So my boyfriend totally suprised me this week by buying me the following....


    I've been wanting these since Decemeber... Im soo inlove with my new sunnies!


    My face is quite hideous... no makeup.. but dontcha love the sunnies!


    (click to enlarge photos)

    He works 6 days a week and spent his only day off shopping at coach with me ;] sweet huh?
  2. OMG!!! I love those sunnies!!!! So cute!!! And what a sweetheart your boyfriend is!
  3. What a great boyfriend! The glasses look great on you!
  4. Very nice!
  5. i know, love him to death.

  6. That is super sweet of him and you look like a rockstar!!!!!! Love the sunnies!
  7. your dog and those sunnies are tooo cute!
  8. What a sweet BF - very cute sunnies they look great on you and I love your scribble stuff too. Oh, and adorable dog! :smile:
  9. Super cute! Those sunnies look great on you!!
  10. They are very cute on you! I love my Coach sunnies, I'm actually considering getting a second pair.
  11. Love your new sunglasses and your bf is sweet for surprising you!
  12. Great stuff! I love the shades!!
  13. They look perfect on you. I'm jealous. Love your doggie!
    I can't wear any regular sunnies because I need prescription lenses.
  14. haha yeah my dog is obsessed with taking pictures. anytime i pull out my camera he poses.. haha

    i usually dont care for Coach sunglasses.. i have this wear face/head shade and theyre usually to small. But I tried these on at Nordstroms and it was like.. oh jesus.. i love them ;]

    too bad the weather in sacramento has been crap. i want the sun to come out!!