I was in school with A.Mouglalis, the face of CHANEL

  1. Or should I say "ambassadress" ? Anyway, the model/actress who represents the brand and you see her in all the Lux ads : Anna Mouglalis.
    Sorry I know this has nothing to do with bags, but I just felt like sharing it !! -Ok, I admit I so wanted to tell you....-
    There is not even much to say:shame: just that I was in High school with her in our spanish class, in the west part of France-Bretagne-
    And at 16, she became instantly my role model !! She was so much more mature and "cool" than me, and had that amazing charisma, and intimidating when she was looking at you, she would be staring right in your eyes......and intelligent...I wanted to be like that girl !
    (she was also quite posh in a cool style but condescending)
    6 years after I saw an article about her in a local newspaper, and how she was an actress chosen for a movie by a pretty big director, and then was chosen by Karl Lagerfield to be "The" face of Chanel.
    And then her carreer now, I thought "WOW, the girl was sitting in front of me in class":P
  2. Interesting, thanks for sharing!
  3. Wow thats awesome info.

    Great to know :smile:
  4. Wow. She is one lucky girl! Alway sporting Chanel clothing & accessories.
  5. How neat! I have never gone to school with anyone that became "famous". They always say that models seem kind of awkward and gawky in high school since they're so tall, but it sounds like she was really pulled together!
  6. Lucky you,
    Everybody has been obsessing with her here in Cyprus because she is greek...and we are all very proud of her and Maria Menounos who is also Greek~
  7. Thanks for posting about her. I think she's absolutely beautiful.
  8. awww that's neat!!
  9. thanks for sharing.
  10. Yeah, it´s her grandpa who is greek, the name doesn´t sound french.
    Her brother and her sister were at the same school too, my mum is still giving me news about her career because she knew her dad from working at the hospital.
    We are so proud as well !! First time someone that I actually knew, and from my city (Nantes) has an international career.
    Me and my best friend, her former neighbour, went to see her at the premiere of her first movie and she had chosen to give a speech back home, sweet !
    Anyways she´s a super intellectual (and a bit strange) woman, her interviews are always about litterature and philosphy.
  11. :wtf::wtf::wtf:^wow, if you only knew how much I envy you right now. She and Chloe Sevigny are two ladys that are simply perfact in my eyes!
    Especially Anna, so chic, soo everything.

    Dont want to be snoopy, but how do you mean she is strange?
  12. Yes she's not just another pretty face she's got personality too,as we Greeks say!:tup:
  13. C'est génial !!! I really like this girl.
    She looks so simple, smart, mysterious and glamourous. Nowaday it's quite rare. She should be a model for all the vulgar (and so proud of it) girls ... (Please Lindsay and Paris, hear me !!). I just don't know what a girl like this is doing with this Samuel Benchettrit
  14. wow she sounds fab in high school :biggrin: She must havel ooke stunning even back then
  15. wow thats nice!!