i was hysterical at 12 on NYE!!

  1. k guys so listen to this story.. my friends and i decided to go to montreal for New years. We went to the time supper club- which i thought was a restaurant with a dance floor (im sorry im from n.y)... so it turned out to be a club, right after we ate, they took all the tables out and turned it into a club... ... so not knowing this i wore a BEAUTIFUL pair of brand new christain louboutin green satin booties!!! with a black diane von f. dress and a lv clutch.

    .... guess what happens next..
    i got cranberry & vodka spilled allllllll over my shoes, my dress, my $50 blowout .. my everything...

    the shoes are in disgusting spots..

    i was crying the entire night.. it was horrible

    i found out that it WILL NOT come out of the shoes... so my only option according to my BF's mom is to color them.. apparentlly people can color shoes professionally into any color they choose.. OBVIOUSLLY im choosing black...

    lesson learned.. never wear louboutins to a club!:throwup::crybaby:
  2. Oh no! I am hurting for you! I would dye them for sure. Bless your heart.
  3. awww sorry to hear that!

    its okay, a guy friend of mine just told me that his gf got drunk on nye and LOST a shoe! LOL! doubt they were louboutins though but still! lol (AND i think they took the subway home)
  4. That is awful! I am so sorry, I can imagine how upset you must have been. I would have been pissed too.
    I recommend dying the shoes black, considering that the shoes are satin, they should dye well and they will probably look brand new. Just be sure to go to a good reputable cobbler. If you are in NYC, then I recommend Shoe Service Plus or Jim's.
  5. oh no i'm sooo sorry that happened to you! acks, i would never wear my CLs to a club unless they're in black patent!
  6. and the worst part was
    that everyone was looking at me like i was a retard!
    they were like , why would you wear $700 shoes anywhere .. whats wrong with you..

    cuz that made me feel ANY better??

    i called my mom right away , she was in the D.R... and i told her and you just hear 5 women gasp.. lol

    so anyways, dying? anyone done it before.. i didnt even know they do such a thing... will the sole get dirty??? .. what about the zipper, its green?? .. was about the inside..
  7. ^^A professional reputable cobbler will be able to dye a satin shoe with no problem. The sole should not get dirty, but while they are at the cobblers, you might as well get the red zipsoles. Not sure about the zipper.
  8. what exactlly is red zipsoles?

    i already put red rubber soles on my louboutins.. they look awesome!
  9. bummer!!!! Def die them black.
  10. sorry about your loss - ugh, what a way to go. take them to a cobbler and pray that they can resuscitate!
  11. I would dye them black too. :yes:

    If you go clubbing make sure you don't wear suede or satin because it's hard to clean those and make sure you don't place your purse or clutch on the bar counters! I've heard too many stories about ruined items. :sad:
  12. Oh, this story reminds me of so many nights out before I finally wised up! I hate it when people take drinks onto a dance floor - I'm like: are you dancing, or drinking? Because I don't want your tequila sunrise on my DvF top. :boxing:

    If they can be rescued, definitely give it a go. It's too sad otherwise...:crybaby:
  13. I think we should have a moment of silence in honor of the shoes.
  14. guys i will keep you updated,
    im planning to call a couple of places tomorrow and see what can be done

    my only concern is the zipper.. do they color that as well?
  15. Good luck. I'm so sorry that happened. That could definitely ruin a night. Let us know how it turns out. I'll pray for your CLs. :smile: