I was happy with Croisette until I saw this..

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  1. Dear PF members,
    I was at LV yesterday and bought the beautiful Croisette! Yeay!! I was on waiting list since the bag came out first and now they had for me.:yahoo:
    I tried the bag and had some troubles to close the bag 2-3 times without items in it and the SA was helpful (more rough than me) and closed it 2 times for me. Then at the 3rd time he helped again and I bought the bag. After arriving at home I saw he must have made scratches in the clasp with his rough closing way the last time he closed the bag because in store there weren´t any scratches, I scanned the bag exactly!
    I´m so upset right now!!! :pout:
    The problem is the store is 1.5 hour driving from my home and they had only this one. He told me they changed the policy and noone can just be written on a waiting list like I was but everyone who is interested in this bag must preorder it and prepay the full price and can´t get the money bag if the bag is not his/her taste, only a store credit is possible then!
    I thought about giving the bag back but the distance and not getting a new bag right now and don´t know when makes me double thinking about it.
    I´m really really upset, because it´s never used and I know he did it! But I also know it can happen very easily to myself even with the first use, so I think I will live with that. Would you also do this? Does anybody knows if there is a way to polish the clasp by myself?

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  2. Personally it doesn't bother me, and i have to look very hard to find the flaw. Plus it's under clasp, you won't be able to see it, after a few wears, they will have scratches.

    By saying that, if it really bothers you than get it exchanged.
  3. +1 i think scratches are inevitable on this clasp.
  4. Your bag is going to get all kinds of scratches with use. The first scratch is always the worst, but there will be many many more... I wouldn't let that upset me and I would use this AWESOME bag!
  5. Hey look beyond that. I am sure you love this little beauty. I am all the way in Australia and dying to have the croisette and you have it in your hand. I think it will be a more worthwhile purchase if you look beyond the scratches, since it will happen eventually. Why not celebrate this cute beauty's arrival with a glass of champagne ? :biggrin:
  6. There is a way to avoid this in the future. Squeeze the posts and then insert the post and release. The mechanism in the lock grabs the post and the bag is secure. It works everytime for me. I anticipated this problem and knew there were going to be scratches if I did not figure something out. I love the bag but this was almost a deal breaker for me with the clasp being fussy. It also helps to have things in the bag to allow the mechanism to have a hard surface to work against and support it.

    Only you know if this is going to bother you- I do not like scratches either esp. when they are committed by someone else's negligence.
  7. Since the scratch was made by the SA's rough handling, it would annoy the heck out of me. :/
  8. If you are unhappy, then take it back! however that kind of clasp is bound to scratch
  9. It is going to get scratches. It could of been the SA, it could of been you had you tried. It's the nature of that clasp. There is no getting around a scratch when using it. It will happen. Here is my PM clasp. It has had very gentle minimal use. I also have the Pallas wallet with the same clasp...scratched.
  10. if u r not happy, take it back. it's ur money.

    but it's a long drive.

    if it's me, i would ship it back. then wait for a brand new one.

    make sure to call the SA and stuff.
  11. +1. Hardware gets scratched and there's really nothing that can be done to prevent it. Just enjoy your lovely new purchase! (P.S. It will be easier to close the clasp when the bag is full, rather than empty).
  12. The first scratch is the deepest (sorry couldn't resist). It sucks this happened when it wasn't your fault but as mentioned here you won't see it. It's under your clasp. If you feel you can't love the bag because of it, hope LV exchanges it for you. But since you were having trouble closing the bag in the store, are you sure this bag is for you? I had to get used to closing the clasp on my PM.
  13. I got my Croisette about 2 weeks ago, used it a few times, and the clasp is already scratched. It doesn't bother me because I know it's going to happen anyways. However, you should exchange or return it if you're not happy.
  14. I wouldn't let it bother me. Scratches on these locks are inevitable, whether its you or the sa at the store. I understand your feelings. I'm considering purchasing this bag this week and I am familiar with the fact that these type of clasps scratch in that spot, but that won't stop me from purchasing.
  15. If the scratches are going to be a problem in the future I would return the bag for something else ! Even if you get a new bag this will be a problem ...
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