I was eyeing the Orange Perfo Cles...what do you think of it?

  1. The cles is a keychain that can also hold some cash right?

    if you don't like the Orange Perfo Cles, which cles would you recommend?
  2. The Perfo cles is nice, plus it's bigger than the mono so you can carry a lot.
  3. Yes ! If you have a Razr, it'll hold that too. Get it while it's still at stores ! :graucho:
  4. It's limited edition, which always makes a nice addition to any collection. I've heard they are very functional too.
  5. Yes def get it while you can. I have a friend who has one and just like elongreach said it's bigger than the basic mono and can really hold alot considering it's size. Also, orange is by far the best color, get it!
  6. It's really cute, get it!
  7. Definetly get it! I love the perfo cles!!
  8. I have an orange Perfo Cles, and I really like it. I say go for it since it's discontinued. I usually just keep my driver's license in there, but it would fit a lot more.
  9. go for it....just 1 word i can say!!!
  10. yes i have one, i wasnt sure about it and then i was like what the hell i need a cles and thats sooo hot!!!!! yeah i have a razr and it ifts that and a few cards, i sometimes fold money and put that in as well but that take up to 3-4 cc space, i did a test the other day and it could fit almost 20 ccs, which is bay far the most when concidering vernis and suhali can fit a max of 6
  11. Yes get the perfo cles! I love how they can hold so much more than the other cles b/c they're slightly bigger...AND they're limited...you can't go wrong getting one!
  12. Bonjour from France, what a RAZR is ?!?

  13. hi, razr refers to the phone motorola made about 3 years ago, its very thin and hence named a razr (said razor) thats why its so slimit can fit into the perfo cles, since then the phone has been reinvented several times with the v3i and vx and a dolce and gabbana version (which is the one i have) lol
  14. go for it! I love perfo cles!!
  15. wow they only came out a yr ago here, I think it was just before or mayve the same time as the rokr phone.