i was bad (but it was SO fun...)

  1. sooo...had a bit of shopping spree today. quite a bit is going to friends, and some will probably end up on eBay.

    and, oh, i returned the mandy. and the lady who got it after me literally CRIED with happiness- so that made me feel good. and the people were SO incredibly nice, which always makes me feel better about blowing lots of cash.

    from the dawsonville outlet:
    legacy two toned framed wristlet in gold
    legacy leather wristlet in white
    legacy framed french purse in black
    madison flap in gold (too freaking cute!)
    striped ipod case (never did check to make sure it fit my video...)
    khaki sig universal case (for my new digi cam)
    black sig gallery satchel

    at the coach store:
    returned the gallery stachel to get the sig CARLY with that blue. (they had to order it for me...)

    before i went in, i switched to my new wallet (that black legacy) and noticed the leather was coming off where the change part was. i paid pretty darn close to full price for it and was discouraged that i never noticed. i briefly mentioned it to the sa, and she ordered me a BRAND NEW one, for no additional charge. :nuts:

    then i got my friend a swingpack in that punch.

    and i went to return my kate sneakers and she told me they were on sale- so she let me return them for the full $128 i paid, and buy them back for $59!

    pics to follow, of the stuff i have in my posession! (gotta sneak it in...have NO idea how i'm gonna explain another fedex delivery from coach to my mom...:push:smile:
  2. Wow, nice haul! can't wait to see pics!
  3. Now that's my kinda shopping...can't wait for pics!!
  4. Wow, sounds awesome! I really want to see what the legacy french frame purse looks like. Can't wait to see the pics. I need some inspiration since the tote I really want seems to be hard to find.
  5. Wow.
  6. Wow! Sounds like fun. Can't wait to see pics.
  7. it's this one: Coach - LEGACY LEATHER FRAMED FRENCH PURSE
  8. :nuts: Sounds like you made out like a bandit!!! Awesome!! Pics when you can get them!!
  9. Wow! Can't wait to see pics!
  10. Wow! Great haul - and it's wonderful that the SA ordered you a brand new wallet!

  11. i know! i couldn't believe it (and it's not like i lied to her and said i paid full price for it, she knew it was an outlet purchase)! i figured, at most, she would order it and i would pay the difference.

    she was SUCH a sweetie- i'll definately go back to her. i think i was in there for nearly 2 hours and she was sweet the whole time (seemed like she was having some fun, too!)
  12. here's all the gold goodies:

    and the miscellaneous:

    and the bag i bought my friend:

    not pictured: new carly and legacy frame wallet.
  13. you lucky girl
  14. I see I shouldn't have told you to go to the outlets! ;)
  15. i hope you know i blame you for all this!

    so if elongreach comes into this thread and chews me out, it's ALL YOUR FAULT!