I was a wee bit bad..

  1. All from the outlet or boutique, just never pictured.. I think I'll probably part with most of it to spread the savings that other people may have not been able to get, but I know I'll find use of the gold skinny for my extra cards till I can find a cuter one, I'll keep the nano case until again a replacement comes around, the bonnie scarf I'm keeping, I tried the zoe again, but I'm not sure if its for me, may keep the contacts case, the agenda I picked up specifically to give the savings to someone else, and I think I'll keep the scarf and the hat until I realize how ridiculous I look in it. :roflmfao: Enjoy!
    outlet haul.jpg outlet haul 2.jpg
  2. aarti, you're so cute! being bad is so GOOD, i tell ya!
  3. Aww... that is so sweet to share the savings! It all looks fabulous! The agenda is gorgeous!
  4. So long as you're good at being bad, there's no harm done.....
  5. Lovely.
  6. I like the gold. I'm such a sucker for metallic.
  7. ohhh!! love all your goodies! just wondering, how much was the agenda down to? and, what does "to give the savings to someone else" mean?
    thanks! :flowers:
  8. LOL I'll keep that in mind.

    Meaning that I'd resell it with no intent of a profit, which I did already.
  9. LOL in all honesty, I do look ridiculous in the hat, but when has that ever stopped me!:nuts:
  10. You have a very kind heart aarti!
  11. Yay!! Everything you bought it great congrats!!
  12. where did you get that hat??? love it!
  13. aww i love that zoe!!! i got a few things for my ROAK today but i wasnt too bad at all!!! you got some good deals :yes:
  14. Love the hat! Congrats on only being a wee bit bad!
  15. the hat was at the outlet! The SA was surprised as well, and there was a bunch when I came, but a few when I left.