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  1. a guy wearing a women's Day? How about a GSH?

    I'm pretty sure I would wear it but I'm doubting myself for some reason!
    I love the women's Day and I really dislike the men's Day.
  2. I didn't actually know balenciaga made a men's day!!! but if you've got the flair to pull it off then go for it! They're gorgeous bags no matter what and not particularly "feminine". If I were you I'd stick to a neutral colour like a black tan or grey but it depends on you.
  3. Hi Christiaanw,
    I have a brown mens day and a very old sloppy black womens day.
    I do always wear that bag to work, because its a trow around bag.
    But i like the womens better than the mens version. Because at the mensday the strap is very long and stiff and hard and complete other leather.
    I dont care if its a mens bag or not i wear what i want.
    I also wear the flatmessenger, courier, womensbesace in giant silver, thos are nice bags if U want to wear it messenger styl. But i also love the weekender and work bags, i even have a clutch in black with a small strap to wear at my arm.
    So dont care what other people want or say, do and wear what U like.
    Live Your own life.
    Hugs FX:heart:
  4. hmm..if you think you can rock it then go for it, however I'd like to warn you that the women's day can look abit femine somewhat..it really depends on the color.

    what color are you thinking about ?
  5. If you like it, get it! :tup:
  6. ^^I agree with the above :tup: I think the Day style is not particularly feminine..as long as it's a Black one or Brown color.
  7. The only bbag style I can see a guy wearing and looking good at the same time is the messenger style....sorry, IMO the day would look much too feminine on a guy! And no GGH or GSH on the bags for men;)

  8. Absolutely! Go for it and post pics to inspire some of our other guys in this forum!
  9. I haven't seen the mens day, but I say wear the one you like :yes: I don't think it looks too feminine.
  10. ITA! :woohoo:
  11. aww thanks to all of you for your input!
    and I was thinking of getting the GSH Day in black and I think i'm definitely going to get it now, I don't know why I was doubting myself because I am always true to my own personal style and wear whatever I like and don't let other opinions effect it.

    but anyway i just absolutely love the giant silver hardware! and in my opinion since I've heard alot of people say on this forum that the giant hardware looks more feminine but I think it actually looks more mens to me because it looks so very rough and industrial.
  12. ^ GSH is totally rock and roll and I'm sure you'll pull it off as if it was made for you!
  13. FX, I just love you:tender:! You're such a positive, thoughful, and encouraging force here, never obnoxious or presumptuous, always strike the perfect tone.
  14. I agree with the others, definitely get it if you love it!
  15. My thoughts exactly!!!! :yes: