I want to copy Jo Jo and get me a

  1. Saleya MM with denim LV scarf/bandana.:shame: Am I a bad bad person for doing this?:oh: I LOVE how great denim bandana looks against Damier canvas!!!:love:
  2. That looks spectacular! It still amazes me how a scarf can really make a bag just pop!
  3. Very, very nice! Great taste. :cool:
  4. The pic isn't mine. It's JoJo's. I haven't bought either item but seriously thinking about it!!!:shocked:
  5. Nope!! Because after I saw her denim scarf I put that on my wish list and hopefully I will get it soon.
  6. Thats a cute combination, you should copy her. :P
  7. Hey Irene!!!! You hit over 4,000 posts!!!! Wow! Congrats. And the bandana is soooooo cute. It's not copying, it's SHARING ideas!!!!!!
  8. Go for it Irene!
  9. It's definitely cute !
  10. I like that. It does look good together. Now you've got me thinking.:rolleyes:

  11. ^^ Me too! :Push:

    How much does that Saleya cost?
  12. Get it! :biggrin: I have the Saleya PM and it is the best bag!!!! :heart: And I love putting scarves on mine too!
  13. I love the combo of the damier and the denim also. It's adorable!
  14. I just called LV in Yorkdale and they are all out of MM.:rant::lol: I will have to wait a couple of weeks for it to come in! Then I asked the assistant manager about the groom collection and she knows nothing about it!:shocked: I called downtown after I spoke to Yorkdale, and they know nothing about the groom collection either!:shocked::lol: Twilight Zone all over again!!!:huh:
  15. OMG!!! Yorkdale LV just called back and told me that they found a Saleya MM in the storage room!:shocked: What to do?! IT IS SO HOT here today I don't really feel like driving anywhere but the bag looks SO HOT!!!:cry: