I want this!

  1. Go for it, Jennifer. It's a hair accessory and don't think that counts against your purse ban.:flowers:
  2. It IS so cute, I just got the earrings in gold, and thought about the headband. BUT a metal headband might not be too comfortable near the ears so I decided against it.

  3. you're right. I didnt even think about that. thanks for knocking the sense back into me.
  4. YES ! I was just looking at the very same thing this morning.. :graucho:
  5. wow its so cute, I want one. also great price.
  6. OMG! That is SOO cute!
  7. very cute.
  8. wow! you need to pass some of your resilience to me! i'm totally on a ban now! lol.
  9. I think it is so cute. I was looking at it last night. Go for it. It's just an accessory.
  10. Too cute!
    I like that.
    I also saw a new bracelet, like a charm bracelet.
  11. ITA, it's adorable but then I thought about how I get headaches just from using the elastic headbands I use under my bandeaus when I wear them in my hair.
    Oh well.
  12. yeah- i get the headache thing going on too--- but it is cute! EVERYTHING LV makes is cute! :smile:
  13. It is very cute....get it!!
  14. Hello kitty go away THANKS. we don't want replicas...:cursing:
    & TBH you must be sorta stupid to post on a site where people only buy the real thing bless you. Now go away.