I WANT THIS! what about you? (enabling ahead)

  1. I thought it would be fun to just have a thread to post what we want at the current time. I am itching for a lot of coach right now, but I'm broke, so I figured it would be cathartic to just post about it. Maybe it will get out of my system. :p Also, enabling will be in one stop shop, you know??

    I'll start!

    I want the Eva Canvas XL Tote in Grass Green ... graberg's one killed me!


    Legacy Canvas Slim Flap
    I wanted this bag but didn't like any of the color choices ... but apparently the citron was the wrong color on the website. Utoh! I love the yellow green.


    Ergo Large Tote
    Never did end up with this one. She's still a beauty!!

    Legacy Leather Slim Tote
    The natural color is so pretty ... I am dying for totes now too. :sweatdrop:


    So what do you want now?? Doesn't have to be stock photos ... can be from the catalog or old from eBay!!
  2. I'll definetely take the last 2! I love them!
  3. the legacy slim tote! :heart:

    both my ergos have been sitting in bags since i got them...i'm so over them, lol.
  4. I want this! My husband and I would love it for our baby bag (for a baby in the DISTANT future... LOL):

    Coach super limited edition geranium sachel -- only made especially for Hawaii Fashion week, very few made, eBay is my only hope
  6. Beautiful bag, court! And I love all of anotheremptysky's bag choices!

    I think I want a swingpack in the khaki/gold patchwork that's due out in June. No pics but someone said they saw one in a Dillard's catalog.
  7. that is my dream coach bag!! haha. it's so pretty :girlsigh:
  8. CARLY, CARLY CARLY!!!!!! :drool:

    Ditto, only we hope it's not so distant. Plus. it would mean we've finally overcome my reprod, issues...:wlae:
  9. Medium leather Carly, Legacy slim tote, Ali, Legacy coin wristlet.
  10. Presently lusting after.......




    And the legacy leather slim tote in natural and the leather slim flap in white...:drool:
  11. Ohhh I want the Chocolate & Denim Cotton Carly bags. I also want the patent Ergo in black. I just bought some black patent peeptoe pumps to go with this bag!!! I also want a patchwork satchel (but I need to see this one in persom first).
  12. legacy canvas shoulder tote in blue.
  13. [​IMG]

    This is a cool bag! I wish they had it with the solid stripe! Or maybe not because then I'd want to buy it! LOL!
  14. I want the turquoise Ergo, Black, Camel and Parchment Carly, Legacy Slim Tote, Legacy Canvas Tote, and the Hamptons Leather Carry-all.