I want this bag? Anyone with any ideas?

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  2. ^^Uh,oh have to post again that was 666 unlucky? I adore this bag, does anyone have any ideas on how to find it other than wait forever on eBay?? Thanks
  3. Would anyone that has one tell me about the bag?
  4. ^ That's the Sweet Punk Sid Bowler. If I'm not mistaken someone said a MJ boutique still has it? The search function is disabled so I can't find the post. :sad: Maybe try calling one of the MJ boutiques to do a search, maybe? :wondering
  5. call an MJ boutique. i think thats your best bet! goodluck and keep us posted! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks guys, I didn't even know the correct name!!
  7. Cameron always has such great MJ bags... anyone else notice how dependent we are on the Search function? haha
  8. ^^ I know! I am having search DT's.:upsidedown:
  9. I have this exact bag! I love it.. it's the Almond Sweet Punk Hobo. It's really roomy. I also have the black Sid. The leather from this line is AMAZING.. it's so incredibly soft. It's softer than any bbag or any line of bag I can think of, including Bulgas. The only drawback is that the bags are heavy from the studs, but it's worth it.

    A couple weeks ago there was a Sousxxie(sp) in Almond on eBay, and no one bid on it.. it's an awkward style IMO. The hobo and Sid are awesome. There was also a bisque Sid on eBay that didn't get bid on either. If you look up completed auctions for studded or punk, they should show up.
  10. It's not the Sid.. the sid is a bowler shaped bag with two sets of leather straps.

    The boutique is completely sold out. It was part of the past employee sale and the entire line sold out. I was hoping to find a fluo violet in any style(especially the Debbie) but alas, none were available.
  11. ^ Oopsie. :shame: My bad. Still learning! :p
  12. the same seller that sold thithi her almond sweet punk hobo had a smaller bag...i contacted her about it... i think her name was "theperfectwatch" she was gonna sell it to me but she's thrown out the box...i was gonna buy it too without the box anyway but i'm not in love i guess....if you contact her on ebay...i think she'd sell it to you. i was talking to her about it yesterday...
  13. That's the souxsie that I was talking about. It's an awkward style IMO... A pfer once bought it and returned it immediately. I saw these marked down really low last year, but it didn't sell very well. It just hangs really strangely when worn on the shoulder. It's hard to explain - like it was a messenger bag but with short handles so it could only be worn on the shoulder.
  14. I really want the one Cameron has!!