'I want some raisin..'...^^

  1. Hi, everyone~!:heart:

    I am off today...So, I am doing my normal Hermes addiction stuff right now! I have been adding Birkin 35cm quite a bit (I have no idea why I just can't resist Birkins when I see them:sad:), but this raisin Birkin dilema was pretty tough! Actually it was REALLY tough!!!

    After having a crazy thoughts after thoughts...discussing about this on this board, with my DH & of course with my mom (both DH & mom are huge enablers!) and some close friends...Well...you will see...soon.
    I am thanking all of you for thoughtful advice! I don't know what I would do without you guys whenever I have Hermes dilema:yes:!
    (This is my fuss last night on this thread: http://forum.purseblog.com/hermes/is-it-too-much-151339.html)

    Anyway, I was talking to my DH about raisin Birkin for hours, and my daughter tapped my shoulder all of sudden and said "Mommy, you keep talking about raisin...you make me want to eat some raisins! Can I get some??...!":roflmfao:

    I just can't hold that Birkin any longer! I put it on hold too long as it is! It has been a few days! My sweet SA understood that I was traveling over weekend. So, she gave me little more time.

    One interesting point is, Birkin bags' inside (the pocket side) of front pocket has been like suade so far. This one has chevre(goat skin) for that part! I like that!!! I have been always worried about getting stained in the pocket! This one has goat skin! I am posting pictures of that part as well.

    Another thing, I remember reading here discussing about clemance leather...some are VERY slouchy, but some are holding their shape quite well. This one holds her shape even better than togo!!:wtf: But it is indeed clemance! We were very surprised that she does not even have much of batwing effect! I am also posting picture with closure open and the bag empty.

    Well...raisin shoulder Birkin is gone for a spa treatment, and picked up another raisin baby...! THANK YOU SO MCUH EVERYONE!!! Pictures coming up!
  2. Opppsss! Sorry!
  3. my heart still stops for rasin.
  4. I think you already love it, get it!!
  5. I am trying to post again here...

    My Raisin Baby!:heart:
    (second picture has closure open and the bag is EMPTY! I will post picture of completely open pictures soon to show slouchiness...)
    DSC04322.JPG DSC04334.JPG
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  6. there really isn't much slouchiness. so beautiful.
  7. Inner pocket is cover with chevre goat skin as well, which I like it alot!
    DSC04328.JPG DSC04330.JPG
  8. Oh so you got it!! It´s gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning!!!
  9. Completly open and empty!
    Handles do not lean forward as my shoulder Birkins in clemance do!
    DSC04332.JPG DSC04333.JPG
  10. Thank you! Yes! I got it!...first thing in the morning...ASAP they open..heeheehe...
  11. Just gorgeous! Is this the 35?
  12. Thank you! I know you have one in togo if I remember correctly...our bags are cousins:p!
  13. wow, that birkin is so lovely.. the color is just perfect... and the raisin seems to be a popular color now... Congrats.
  14. Thanks! Yes...35cm!
  15. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND YUMMY!!!!!!!I'm really loving raisin now too!!! UGH!!! SOOO BAD!!!!