I want new charms!

  1. Looking at the Coach website, they have had the same charms forever!!! I waited too long for the skull and I want a new charm. When will they put something new out??

  2. They are coming! New letters (with different color combos and GOLD hardware) as well as a pair of dice (also with cold hardware -- dice are red and white) and a pink breast cancer awareness heart with ribbon charm (heart is leather, ribbon is metal).
  3. I hope the letter M comes in cute colors like purple. he he..
  4. Same here, I can't wait. I have the watermelon one which I love.
  5. Glad to hear that new charms are coming ... but I still need to pick up the pig charm that is out right now ...
  6. I agree we need new ones! My initial charm colors have always been boring so I never got one. Would like to see that Breast Cancer one!
  7. Hooray! I'm excited, love, love, love charms so much!
  8. When the charms first came out, I was totally excited and really wanted one. My boyfriend got me an "A" for xmas and I was horrified to find that it had "Made in China" stamped on the back!!! He had seen it also and was sure it was going to bother me, but it got it anyway. I was so irked because to me that made it seem so fake. And i didn't want to talk around advertising I had something made in china!!! I was so bothered I called Coach and told them that I felt like i could have gotten something like it on the street. The next batch of charms out, they removed the "Made in China"...Needless to say, I am still turned off by them...
  9. The "made in China" is still there, it's just on the metal hang-tag part and not on the leather charm itself.
  10. Good news about the new letter charms!! I have 2 now but would love one with gold hardware!
  11. That's def a better place for it because it is so small and discrete there. It was just so blatant before.
  12. I still want the skull so badly...I think I am just going to go ahead a pay the piper (eBay). There is one right now, I bid on it, but got outbid by a fellow tPFer...

    Sounds like those dice will be cute. How long till they are out??
  13. I jsut picked up the purple heart key picture frame yesterday at Somerset and the SA showed me the new ones , the dice are going to be so cute

    YIPEE #500 !:party::dothewave::party:
  14. Ahhh still can't wait for that "K"... I'm getting anxious and Carly still feels naked!
  15. yay for new charms.. I can't wait.