I want my first RM bag RIGHT NOW!

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  1. Im STILL waiting for my first RM bag (Tangerine MAB). Ive pre ordered it on 4 march at Revolveclothing.com and it is still not here yet.
    The bag was available last week and was shipped on 5 april.

    This is my first RM bag and im so excited. Ive already waited for a month and i cant take it any longer.
    Seeing/reading the other members receiving/showing their HG bags makes me want my bag so badly. :crybaby:And i want to post replies on some threads, like:
    Spin-Off: Which RM bag are you wearing today?
    Post Pictures of your Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bags - PICS ONLY!

    It is 7pm now, i think the postman will not come anymore today.
    I hope he comes tomorrow with my bag.

  2. awww suetje! :hugs: all good things come to those who wait! :flowers: Is there any way you can track where it is?
  3. Yes ive paid 20dollars for tracking.
    The status is Into Foreign Customs (our item is being processed by customs in NETHERLANDS.) This was on 10 april and have not been updated since then.
  4. ^ Just keep thinking positive. Pretty soon it will be in your hands!!! :yes:
  5. Yes i hope so..
    And there is a black/basketweave mab on its way too (from label360)...not shipped yet.:rolleyes:
  6. awesome :tup: Back to Back RM's.That'a'girl!
  7. Thats so weird, I normally get my shipments from them between 7-10 days.
  8. I hope i get it tomorrow
  9. I'll be sending good bag karma your way!! I'm waiting for my black basketweave MAB too!! :tup:
  10. thank you!:flowers:
  11. YES finally, after almost 2 months.. i have just received my Tangerine MAB!
    I will make pictures later..first enjoy and hug the mab!
  12. Yay! Happy that u got ur 1st RM finally! Congrats and enjoy! =)
  13. yay congrat! Enjoy your bag!
  14. THanks :smile:
  15. Congrats! Can't wait to see!!