I want a white jumbo hybrid flap so bad~~~

  1. I totally fall in love with jumbo hybrid flap and I need to buy one!!!:heart: Does anyone see it anywhere? So bad that I live in a non NM, Saks and Chanel state :girlsigh:(or it is a good thing actually. Should I call Chanel 1-800 first?
  2. try callin diane at Saks somerset collection. i know they have some hybrid in stock in various sizes. if they don't have it there she will find it for u. good luck
  3. What does "hybrid" mean?
  4. I don't know if it is the offical name of that style, but it is classic flapin jumbo size with MM lock and metal chain (Is it bijoux chain, Chanel experts please correct me if I am wrong).
    Thanks Takeoutbox for the information. I am going to call the Saks.
  5. hybrid? do you meen reiisue?
  6. My NM has one in stock. I just pm'd you the info!