I want a papillon! Pros? Cons?

  1. As some of you may know, i just picked up a "new to me" BH a couple of days ago. I guess its too soon for another bag but I went to the LV boutique to see what my new target would be and i fell in love with the papillon! (and the Vernis Bedford actually but it was a bit too stiff for me) I was leaning towards the Damier Pap 30.


    Can i get your opinions on the papillon?? Pros? Cons? Pics??

    TIA! :heart:
  2. I really like this bag. my only con with it is, I wish it fit better as a shoulder bag.
  3. i have the Damier Papillon 30, and it's one of my favorite everyday bag. i love the shape, the size, and it works as a shoulder bag for me as well
  4. Cute bag, and always nice to have a difference style.
    Pro's no worries about naked leather, cute, holds enough for daily needs, has a baby pap with it :smile:

    Con's not great if you're looking for a comfy shoulder bag, or one that will carry a ton. (more then daily needs)
  5. I think it's an attractive bag, but I resist getting it bec. I would prefer the strap to be a tad longer, think burberry lola(barrel) bag, it has straps that are just a bit longer and the bag can be worn comfortably and stylishly on the shoulder(not too long of a drop). I asked an SA and they said the papillon was designed to be worn over the forearm, not hand held nor shoulder style.
  6. I have the 26 and love it
  7. Me too. It's cute, it's classic, it's cute, it's cute... :p
  8. I have the 26 in mono and love it. Real cute bag, holds tons and can be worn casual or dressy. I think the 30 is a shoulder bag and it comes with a small pouch. I am hoping to go back and get a Damier 30 one day. I say Go For It! You won't regret it.
  9. I have this exact bag and LOVE it. Extremely low mainence because of the chocolate leather. It fits comfortably over my shoulder and I am not small. However, for it to fit I either sling it behind my arm where the bag is vertical or I smoosh it. IMO its cute and comfortable either way. It just depends on how full your bag is. In terms of size the 30 holds more than you would think. I have all my normal stuff along with a 1125 page novel (Edward Rutherfurd's London to be exact). GET THIS BAG! You will not regret it.
  10. I love my papillon. Its a handheld bag though not a shoulder bag unless you have really small arms ;)
    But it fits all my stuffs nicely and it has a nice shape that it can be an everyday bag but also can be used as a nice evening out bag.
  11. I have the bedford (same size as the papillon 30) and the size is nice but the straps are too long for carrying it in the crook of the arm (the purse kinda swings). Using it as a shoulder bag is difficult too (unless you smush the purse with your arm). My papillon 26 has a nice length strap but it just barely fits all of my stuff (zippy wallet, cosmetic pouch, glasses case, cell phone).
  12. I like the bag and it is never too soon for a new bag.
  13. UH OH! i was worried someone was gonna tell me that! HAHAHAHA! It looks like... im gonna get the pap NEXT! LOL!

    i just feel bad because... ive gotten 3 bags in one month?? :sweatdrop:
  14. I have a Damier Pap 26... I love this bag. I wear it all the time!! It is probably my most-worn bag next to my Damier Musette Salsa. It is low maintenance and goes with everything. Plus you don't have to worry about vachetta since it doesn't have any =) Best of all, it's CUUUUTE! :heart:
  15. Damier Papillon 30
    Pros : Classy looking, goes with working attire and casual wear. Fits tons of stuffs. Unique design. Low maintenance,no worries on vachetta.
    Cons: Might not fit everyone as shoulder bag. It can't really sit still and tend to roll a bit when you rest it on chair/table.
    Overall, i think it is a great and useful bag. Go and get it! ;)