I want a new Sophia or Stella so bad!

  1. Not one from eBay. And now I'm so dissapointed, cuz I don't think I will be heading back to the US this year..

    Does any stores ship to Canada? And do they take moneyorder or paypal lol? I don't have a credit card :shame:

    Or is here any nice tpfers that could have an eye open for me? I would so love one..*fingers crossed*
  2. The LA store has a new Stella in dark blue with nickel hardware. If that suits you, call them at 323-653-5100 and ask for Stella (yup, that's her name!)
  3. ^ I recommend Stella from MJ boutique in LA too. =)

    MJ boutiques accept international orders; they take money orders, call the store for more information and arrangement. Good luck. =)
  4. Thank you guys!
    I didn't know that. I'm gonna call them on monday, wish me luck :heart:
  5. I didn't know that either! :smile: