I want a new Bal but I totally lost track of the new styles, colors so please help!

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    It's all in the title I am a fervant Bal lover but havn't added a new one for a little while.
    So I have lost track of styles and colors.
    I really need your advice.

    - I want smth. not too small, smallest would be a city so city/PT or maybe even a work or ??? I love the possibility of a shoulderstrap.

    - For colors I want smth rather versatile. No bright blues reds or pinks , no green or green undertones.
    So we are talking, black/plombish/dark blue/gray,brown shades etc...
    I am not shure if I want GH or RH but if GH I think SGH would be best but who knows...lol.

    Can't wait for your suggestions, ideas, thoughts...
    Many thanks for helping me out.
  2. ....?
  3. wish i could help you out, but i'm clueless as to the new styles and colors myself. altho the new shape of the VELO looks cool - longer than a city with a strap that be used cross body... also, the perforated leathers look gorgeous, even in suede! NANAZ has the most gorgeous olive perf bag - try to find it.

    good luck!!!
  4. Per your description, I first thought of Velo and Part Time. Murier, Anthracite and Seigle with RGGH are worth for you to check them out. Those combo are divine!

  5. Catcat, I'm like you - I've not been 24/7 on the Bal Forum, and there are so many new styles.

    Hi Nicole! We are all oldies, but goodies!

    HandbagAngel, I really like the RGGH with Murier and Seigle, too. I still have not seen them IRL.
  6. If you want to try something different, have a look at the Maxi Twiggy. I quite like its shape and it is quite capacious without being too big.

    It also has a long shoulder strap that can be worn cross-body. I get the feeling it may be as big as the Work, but with a more duffle shape. I think of it as the love-child of a Bal City/Part-Time/Town and the new Alexander Wang Rocco.
  7. Hmmm I like the idea of crossbody I will check out the seigle I can't see many Irl in the moment selection here is limited and I won't be able to make it to Paris in the near future.
  8. #8 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    ^^^ Look for jasterock in her Moutarde Maxi-Twiggy on the Wearing Your Balenciaga thread: it shows the shape and size really well of her bag, which has worn in and softened beautifully. If you work your way through that same thread, you'll see lots of new shapes modelled there by their owners, too.

    The other good thread on TPF for looking at styles and colours is the Balenciaga Clubhouse thread - there, you'll find different threads devoted to different bags: I think some of the girls and boys there have photographed themselves with their bags.

    Also, have a look at Cultstatus blog: there is a picture of the Perforated Black Mini-Gold Hardware Maxi-Twiggy on the mannequin: it's new, so it looks less plushy than jasterock's does.

    Good luck picking your new bag!
  9. black trapeze with rose gold hardware sounds good
  10. you can private message me for a picture of the item :smile:
  11. In addition to the existing City and PT with shoulder straps, Bal added the Town (larger than a First, smaller than a City; RH, GSH, RGGH), the Velo (similar size to City but holds about 50% more due to its thickness; RH and CGH),and Maxi Twiggy (as its name implies, it's a larger version of Twiggy, around the size of a City but roomier due to its rounded cross section; RH) with NON-adjustable shoulder straps in SS 2010.

    Pom Pons also have non-adjustable shoulder straps and come in GGH, GSH, RH, RGGH and CGH. Pom Pons are quite big and can hold a lot, probably on par with Work. Word of caution - many tPFers find GH Poms too heavy.

    For many tPFers, the shoulder straps are too long, reaching the hip or lower when worn cross-body. The solution? To double up the strap and loop it through the metal rings at the side, making the strap somewhere between the length of City and PT straps.

    It boils down to what you intend to carry in your bag, and it seems like you're angling for a larger bag, so perhaps a Velo or a Maxi Twiggy would be best.

    FW 2010 saw the introduction of the Trapeze with an adjustable strap but I've never seen this IRL so I can't comment. From pics that I've seen, it looks to be the size of a Work?, with the interior of the bag being divided into sections that manifest as folds visible from the outside of the bag. You can check out Cultstatus blog for more details.

    Colour wise, you're probably looking at the ubiquitous Black and Anthracite, or SS 2010 Canard (tealish blue but truly gorgeous) and Castagna?, or FW 2010 Bleu Roi. Or await SS 2011's Ardoise, which looks to be a grey.

    Good luck.
  12. the velo might be an idea, or there is the stratergy also, which I am liking a lot.
    colorwise, maybe blue roi, black, anthracite?