I want a new bag!

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  1. I want to buy a new bag for my birthday , which is coming up in August and Im not sure what to get, these are a few of the bags I was looking into:

    1-givenchy nightingale with chain strap (black)
    2-Goyard-Sac Vendome (black)
    3- I like this miu miu bag, but have never seen it in person:

    What do you guys think:
    I want to get as many opinions as possible please :smile:!
  2. I personally like Givenchy Nightingale better...it's roomy, classic style, nice leather...can't go wrong with that one.
  3. I really love the Goyard sac vendome's shape, its a timeless shape and sexy ( I think ). Another point is I don't really see it around often.
  4. The Miu Mium looks like a fun bag.. but I'd have to agree that the Nightingale looks classy and could go with any outfit. They're on sale at Barney's online by the way... last I checked anyway. :smile:
  5. Nightingale
  6. my vote goes to the nightingale as well.
  7. Have you checked out M Z Wallace. MUCH cheaper (although not cheap by any means) and lasts forever.
  8. She probably already chose - her birthday was in August
  9. ...of 2009.:P
  10. Oh my goodness - I didn't even see that! HA HA!!!!!!!!!!
  11. :biggrin:

    I still think there could be value in an "old thread" pop-up warning, for threads like this.
  12. I usually glance at the date :P