I want a Jimmy Choo Patent Riki NOW!!

  1. I've been looking everywhere!!.. went to neimanmarcus, Saks, bergdorfgoodman websites but its no where to be found.. i called my local boutique, they said they didnt receive them YET! how retarded is that.. he said he doesn't know.. MAYBE they'll receive the riki in patent black only so i wont have the option to choice.. i'm not really sure.. does black look better or the Bordeaux?

    I've been craving for one since i saw all those beautiful patent bags posted by you ladies!! so help what to do!! :crybaby:
  2. JIMMYCHOO.COM, which now has an online store, has patent Ramona's in stock, but no patent Riki's, although I would keep checking back there.

    Also, a few weeks ago, the Choo boutique in the Washington, D.C., area had the Riki. You might want to call them...

    Jimmy Choo
    The Collection at Chevy Chase
    5481 Wisconsin Avenue
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    Tel +1 240 223 1102

    Personally, I've got the Bordeaux patent Ramona, and I love it! No regrets about choosing the bigger size.

    One note of caution: For both the Bordeaux and Blue patent Ramona/Riki, the colors look brighter in the pics that you are seeing on the PF because of the flash. They actually are darker IRL when indoors. When you take them out in the sun, however, they really "pop."
  3. ^^ Thanks alot.. ok im thinking of getting patent black and bordeaux.. wish me luck will try the boutique!
  4. Go for the Ramona, it's a great size...not to mention gorgeous! Beautiful bag!...:drool: Cosmo!
  5. ^^ But the Ramona size is BIG dont you think?? anyone has both?? Ramona and Riki would appreciate a picture of both together.. pretty please :smile:
  6. pursemama: Thanks a lot!

    pinkish: Yes, the Ramona is big, but not huge, in my opinion. I am 5' 4", and I don't really have a problem carrying it off. Besides, big bags are really in right now! And it's the one all the celebs are carrying. (But the Riki is lovely as well if you need a smaller bag.)
  7. Here's a picture of me and my regular Ramona:


    I'm 5'3"...the bag looks deceptively big, but once you put stuff in there, it fills out and doesn't look nearly as large as you would think.

    Either way, both the Ramona and Riki are really lovely! You can't go wrong...good luck! :flowers:
  8. Pinkish: I personally love Patent Riki in Bordeaux, it's gorgeous.
    I saw it at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California), ask for Tiffany in Handbag. Good luck. =)
  9. Keep an eye on Saks.com. They had the black patent bag, (forgot if it was Riki or Ramona) two days ago. I saw it, flinched a moment, then realized I had an MJ enroute so didn't order it! It may have been a return, so you might want to check their site daily. I usually do. :smile:
  10. I personally think the Riki is the PERFECT size. I think the Ramona is beautiful, but it's too big--too much patent for me... But that's just my opinon. And I admit that I'm biased since I own a bordeaux Riki :smile:

    I'd suggest calling the NM in Fashion Island that bag.lover mentioned. Also some Nordy's carried the Riki in bordeaux (that's where I got mine). Give Joseph a call at the SD Nordy's--619.295.4441. He can probably search the inventory for all stores and let you know if there are any left. Good luck!
  11. Thank you ladies for your valuable comments.. im calling jimmy choo boutiques today and im getting my bag soon!!

    Will post pictures..thanks again :smile:
  12. Hi pinkish! Harvey Nichols in mall of the emirate had the riki in black leather 2 days ago... ET's Jimmy Choo told me they wont get the patent bordeaux wen I asked them last month, so I got my patent bordeaux ramona from the US.
  13. I love the bordeaux color.. its so refreshing this season. I think the Ramona is a great day bag.. but the Riki is nice too
  14. i love both the Ramona and Riki....GOOD LUCK Pinkish_love, hope you'll find your perfect bag!!