I Want a Haut à Courroies (HAC) Please Help!

  1. Hello Hermès lovers,
    well latelly LV hasn't feed my needs so I have decited im ready for a Haut à Courroies (HAC) first of all im a guy! and im going to Hermès next month to buy a gator Collier de Chien (my first Hermès pice) so I wan't to have a desition by than so I have some questions for you so I won't sound like an illiterate at the boutique!
    first what size should I go for? well to give you an idea im 5'11 bout 130 and heres a pic for refferance, I originally tought of the 40cm but I don't know if it might look like luggage for my size so im not shure if a 36cm would be the best choice for me, what I ask for you is if you have any of eather size to post modeling pics for comparison or tell me wich size is best for me?

    and next question what color and hardware should I choose well I allready have an idea I like both the Black color and the Brown one but not shure wich one I know you guys are gonna say black because of the masculine factor but I wan't you to forget that and just be honest! If you are comfortable with you'r sexuality a color shouldn't matter! I like the Brown better, also what's the apropriate name of the Color/Hardware of the bags shown in the picture both the brown and the black also what size and leather and hardware is the brown one in the picture?


    and what type of leather should I choose? my choices are Togo and Clemance but don't know how they feel or if they sag too much or the duravility so please if you own or know about any of those too please inform me or recomend another type of leather and why I will ask at the boutique to have a look at their leather book but I wan't to have an idea of what I want first I like the leather of the brown one but don't know what kind it is?

    and last what is the curren't prices of both the size's 36cm and 40cm in $USD I know the 40cm runs about $9000, and how long doe's the waitlist take for one or if there are any chances of one being abailable for sale in the states?

    Thank you so much for you'r help in advanced :flowers:

  2. I think HAC 36 would be too small on guys. HAC 36 is about Birkin 35 cm, which is very popular size for women. I am about 5'3"~5'4" and about 97 lb, but I have several Birkins in 35cm and Birkin 35 does not look too big on me in my opinion;) :p . You are much taller than me and a guy. So, I really think HAC 36 is too small for you. Birkin 40 or HAC would be great on men! 45 would be okay as well, but it might little bit look like luggage..but I think it would be still okay..

    I think togo leather is a great choice...it's not too slochy, but soft enough and scratch resistance!

    (btw, you are in great shape:yes: !)
  3. Thank yo so much aspen!!!
    BTW your Hermès Collection is Stunning!!!
    now I know I need a Togo HAC in 40cm but what color and hardware and price?
  4. You might think black is too boring but I saw a guy with black Birkin (either 40 or 45..I think it was 40) with palladium hardware on a street in NYC. It was STUNNING on him!!!!!!

    As you said, brown is another classic color! How about indigo blue? It's not feminine blue. It's very dark blue, which is close to black. But it's different from black. I love that color!! I DO think indigo blue is another good color for men. I prefer palldium hardware on men...
  5. How much do you carry typically? If your LV messenger bag can serve your needs, then a 36 cm HAC is ok, without looking like you are lugging a piece of luggage. The HAC is taller than the 35 cm birkin, so it would look more masculine than the birkin. Your built is somewhat on the slim side so you should be able to pull off a 36 cm HAC. I have come across 36cm HACs in chevre.. eg black, rouge and vert anis. Black with palladium hardware would be quite nice for you
  6. hmm I kind of like the black and the brown one with the gold HW like in the picture, but in indigo blue I would go with the palladium HW id have to see what the color looks like and will keep in in mind! thanx again...
  7. I don't carry to much stuff on a day to day vasis but when I travel I do, I would have to see and hold the 36cm to make a desition I think I saw a 35cm Birkin at the Boutique so that should give me a good idea when I play with it, thanx archangel...
    and there goes another vote for Black & Palladium or Gold HW.
  8. Hi latinmalemodel,

    I think 40cm would be great as an everyday bag, but for someone your height & built, I think a 45cm will look even better on you. I agree with Aspen that 50cm would look somewhat luggage-ish.

    Colors...I think browns like ebene, marron fonce are very nice & appropriate for a guy. They are also very versatile & easy to match colors IMO. For a big size bag like HAC 45 & above, I think black would look somewhat "bland" and stark. Browns would be more interesting.

    As for leather, I would pick Fjord. From what I know, it is more durable than Togo/Clemence, and has a very masculine look.

    Hardware - I'm not sure if travel sizes HAC are all made with brass hardware only...maybe the experts on this board can advise. I find that Hermes browns look beautiful regardless of gold/silver colored hardware. Gold/brass would lend a more classic look, while silver hardware would lend a modern touch!
  9. Nothing is wrong with gold hardware! Don't get me wrong. I have Birkins in gold hardware as well. I personally like palladium hardware...I recently start liking gold hardware, but I still prefer palladium over gold some reason...:p ...It's really personal preference! I just think that palladium looks better on me & considering my age. In my opinion, gold hardware is more for mature women..Gold is definetly classy hardware:yes:
  10. Just wanna add that in the pic that you've posted, the hardware on the 2 HACs featured are definitely brass. :smile:

  11. hmm 45cm:nuts: I'll have to consider it since you say I can pull it off with my stats and a brown Fjord with GH would be stunning!
    thank you gigi...
  12. Me too. I prefer palladium & ruthenium. It's more "me"...:yes:
  13. no problem I used to only like silver in anything but I gues im still struck :shocked: with all the Brass Gold HW that LV uses however I don't like Gold Jewelery so I gues Its just the LV Factor and I need to snap out of it:lecture:
    so if I choose Brown I will go with Brass or Gold HW
    and if I go with Black I Will go with palladium or ruthenium HW.
    and I still need help with Pricing and Waitlist info...
    Thanx again you Girls are so Helpfull...
  14. Ok......I'm of course going to go against the grain here and say that IMO you would totally rock a 45cm in Brown with Gold hardware but in a more rigide leather because I'm afraid that Fjord or Togo or Clemence will slouch like crazy. Have you considered a Kelly? Don't laugh.......I think a well-worn BIG Kelly looks killer on a man..............
  15. yay finally someone that like's the brown, and another 45cm, I kind of don't mind the slouch on the HAC but what other leather are you reffering to?
    actually I have considered a kelly Ive seen a picture of a guy with a large kelly around here, but wich size? and you gonna lagh when I tell you I kind of like the sport kelly, but for my first Hermes bag I want it to be a HAC...
    thanx shop mom...