I want a Diannee!

  1. :drool:Is this a pretty rare bag to find? I have a sudden urge to find one and make her mine! Anyone seen one around?
  2. I haven't seen any in a while... but I will keep an eye out for you!
  3. Thanks! :tup:
  4. Here's one on Ebay now. Good luck! ;)
  5. I just bought one at the Nordstroms Rack (Chicago, State Street) last month for $549. They had three of them when I bought mine - all the same color. I love the suede lining and the three main sections and the leather is so buttery soft - - if the bag's not stuffed, it melts into a puddle of leather!! They also had one of the hobo bags like it (I can't remember the name, but it looks just like the Dianee with the padlock zippers on the front)


  6. I was at the Nordstroms Rack this evening & they had one Dianee in Cocoa left. I didn't take a good look at it, so I'm not sure about it's condition. When I bought mine last month, however, all three were in really good shape (I picked the one that had the squishiest leather!)
  7. I am new to bags, and decided I would splurge and get just one bag to treasure. I was in Neiman Marcus in Paramus, NJ, and had my hands on a brand new black Dianee for $472. I LEFT IT ON THE TABLE!!!! I was afraid to make the choice so quickly. After I got home I researched the bag, and have been depressed ever since.
  8. Sale bags are always buy now think later... Most dept stores will allow you to return if you change your mind. Well, at least you saved your wallet a little extra money for now!
  9. Thanks! As for the buy now, think later, you are 100% right. I'm heading off to the stores again today.
  10. So so so true. I remember finding a Bark Sophia at Off Fifth and I stood there holding it (it was attached to the security sensor tower), trying to flag someone down to help me so I wouldn't have to leave the purse alone. hahahaha.
  11. Try Nordstrom Rack. The one in Woodfield Il had 2 on Wed for $529ish. They both looked brand new. Here's the phone # (847) 413-2121.
  12. the Nordstroms Rack on State St, Chicago had one in Cocoa (just like the pics above) left about a week ago - it's been there for a while so chances are it might still be - Problem with the Rack, however, is that all designer bags are final sale. Unfortunately, the "buy now, think later" doesn't apply to the Rack - if you buy it, it's yours!
  13. My mother has this bag in an ivory color and she adores it. It will hold a ton of stuff!