i want a chocolate paddy.... please help me find one....

  1. i have looked everywhere....
    no luck.... anybody's seen it anywhere?
  2. I will keep my eyes open for you. You might want to call around to various Nordies- I think they still had a few. And also the NM and Barney's in Chicago as well. Worth a try!
  3. I am a Chloe newbie- but I saw a chocolate paddy at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA the other day.
  4. The Denver Nordstrom (Park Meadows) has a few Chocolates Chloes.
  5. You can also try Bloomies at Roosevelt Field, NY. They had 2 a couple of weeks ago. The are also going to have a sale next week (Thursday 10/26). Ask them to presell you one if Chloe is included in the sale. They were included in their last charity sale. I know a great SA if you want her info.
  6. ^^^OMG~ I'm from LI and I miss the Rooservelt Field Mall even though it's enormous now!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, what is the sale? How much off??? Thanks!
  7. You will have to call the store to see if Chloe is included, sorry the post card I got said some brands excluded...
    Anyway, the postcard I received for Roosevelt Field and Walt Whitman says:
    For Thursday, October 26th, Take 15% off almost every purchase or Take 20% off when you spend $300 or more on your Blommingdale's card that day. You need to purchase a charity ticket for $10 to get the discount.

    Another sale for the Bloomingdales in Manhattan is for Monday (presales now) for every $100 you spend you get a $15 gift card. All the details are in this thread

    Hope this info helps!!
  8. :hysteric: :hysteric: park meadows is too far from where i live.....
  9. just pm'ed you
  10. Hope you find your chocolate!! The color is just beautiful, mine goes with everything!
  11. kimmie... you actually made me want one....
    i saw how beautiful it ooks in you avatar, and i fell in love..... is yours 2005 or 2006?
    i saw a post (forgot who posted it) about the color difference between choco 05 and 06, and i think i want an 06. its darker, no?

    i will follow your lead to find choco paddy. maybe i will drag my lazy behind to park meadows some time this week