I walked out without an orange bag...

  1. I really wanted to get a wallet to go with my new 32cm black Kelly in togo w/PHW. And so I ventured into H on Madison Ave this morning, figuring it should be a bit slower since it was still early, and I would get an attentive SA. And yes, all the SAs were extremely helpful despite it being the busiest shopping time of the year. And I asked to see a Kelly wallet. There was one -- black with GHW. I thought I should be thrilled to be offered one, but I wasn't... I thought it would look too matchy-matchy with my bag. I want some color in my collection. As tough as it was, I put it down... and asked to see the bearns. And immediately fell in love with a lilas mysore goatskin with PHW. My favorite color is lilac!!! My sweater and even my boots I was wearing today were lilac!!! It was fated to be!! I was just about to ask the SA to ring it up when I noticed a slight discoloration by the strap. I asked the SA about it, and she went back to see what could be done about it. I was then told the dreaded news that because it was starting to show signs of patina, while it was on the floor, that it is H's policy not to sell imperfect merchandise. I then told her I would take it, imperfect or not, but she put it away. I asked, "What going to happen to it?" to which I received the reply that it would be shipped to Paris for destruction. WTF??!!! Destroy that beauty??? and to make matters worse, that color does not exist anymore and they stopped using that color in production!!! I was so disappointed that I didn't even buy myself a consolation wallet in another color. I WAS SO IN LOVE WITH THAT COLOR. Nothing even came close -- not potiron, not shocking rose, not blue jean. I was that despondent. And I left empty handed...
  2. Awwwww!! I am so sorry! Is it possible that they can do a nationwide search for that color for you? I think Hlfinn had an SA do that not long ago and they were able to find what she was looking for, which was also a color not currently offered.
  3. oh no, could they not sell it to you at a discounted price?
  4. They did do a search, and none exists in the US...:tdown:
  5. That was brought up by the SA; they do not sell at discounted prices. But I would have taken it at full price!!!
  6. Well--one tiny possible ray of hope: despite the company line that they destroy shopworn items, I believe that often you see these items at the sale--but of course at that point there will be an S stamp on it IF you get lucky and find it. :s
  7. that is so frustrating, i am sorry. why would they not sell to you, how very annoying
  8. <sigh!>
  9. I've had merchandise snatched from my hands to "be destroyed" and felt the same angst and sadness. I'm so sorry. Hopefully another one will turn up eventually somewhere.

  10. kelly32,
    sorry to hear of your frustration! but unfortunately yes, if you point out a flaw to them on a product, they will *poofff* make it vanish from sight. But the good news is you can call the other boutiques and ask them to do a charge-send and bill your credit card and ship one to you, if they can find your color. So there is hope! Best of luck, I want you to find lilac...it sounds gorgeous.
  11. BTW this destroying of merchandise does not happen at a certain franchise store I know of...I was in there twice with another tPFer, and both times we pointed out severe sun damage on the *same* agenda to the SA. She shrugged and put it back out on the display. :wtf:

    So, as heartbreaking as it is to not be able to get the wallet you want--getting the item and *then* realizing it's obviously damaged might even be worse.
  12. So, as heartbreaking as it is to not be able to get the wallet you want--getting the item and *then* realizing it's obviously damaged might even be worse.[/quote]
    I am so sorry to vent out my frustration and disappointment to you all... I realize I must sound like a little lost girl here!

    Thank you all for all your encouraging words -- AND HUGS!!! You gals are great!
  13. Its funny, but after that exact situation happened to me before, I nevvvvver point out flaws if I want it anyway.

    Welcome to your first "grail"... a colour, a leather that slips through your hands. We all have one. At LEAST one. You'll find it! :tup: Check other options, put your new grail in your signature, and keep your ear to the ground!
  14. No don't apologize...who else can you share this with but us?? I would probably have started crying if it were me in the store, no lie. LOL then again I've been extra emotional lately.
  15. Don't apologize!! It's incredibly frustrating, and I think we have all been there at least once! It stinks when it happens, but we're here to listen.